Hotmail Technical Support – Resolving the email glitches

Oct 5


steve smith junior

steve smith junior

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Hotmail enables email processing and also provides a storage space for data & information. Using POP access messages can be downloaded in the email client. Outlook has features like offline email access which makes Outlook Tech Support Number one of the efficient email clients. Email transfer is done in the encrypted form such that no outside access is possible for the email access.


Now there are certain issues faced by the Hotmail users and which are needed to be resolved effectively. Some of the common Hotmail issues that the user faces are –

  • Resetting the account password or recovering the account.
  • Creating the Hotmail account.
  • Configuring the Hotmail emails with other email clients.
  • Not able to access the Hotmail emails.
  • Hotmail account hacking issues.
  • Emails landing in the wrong folders.
  • Junk or phishing mail issues.

How to recover the Hotmail account?

Hotmail account can be recovered with the reset of account password. Create a new account password and recover the account. For this user need to verify the identity with the help of registered mobile number or alternate email address. Steps to recover the Hotmail account –

  1. Open the Hotmail sign in page and click on the link Can’t access your account?
  2. Select the option I forgot my password and click Next to proceed further.
  3. Enter the Hotmail address,Hotmail Technical Support – Resolving the email glitches Articles correctly mention the Captcha and click Next.
  4. Select a verification process for receiving the verification code.
  5. Enter the code in the provided text box and click Next.
  6. User now has access to reset the password. Create and set a new password for the account.

Once the steps are followed correctly, then Hotmail account will be recovered easily. If the user doesn’t have access to any of the options for verification, then provide the user account details for the verification purpose. Alternatively for technical assistance user can reach out to the experts over Hotmail Technical Support Number.

How to configure the Hotmail account in Outlook?

Hotmail can be used in other email clients also effectively to access the Hotmail emails. For configuring Hotmail account in Outlook, follow the steps –

  • Login to Outlook using the login credentials. Click on the File tab.
  • Now under Account Information click on Add Account button.
  • As the new window appears, enter the email address and password and then click on Next.
  • Installation of Outlook Hotmail Connector will be displayed.
  • To install the program, click on ‘Run’.
  • Click on the tick box for Software License Terms and click on Continue.
  • Installation will be completed within some time. Restart the system once the installation is completed.
  • Restart Outlook and then click on Add Account.

Dial the Hotmail customer care number if the user in facing difficulty in configuring the Hotmail account in Outlook. Hotmail experts provide extensive support for mapping of the email account.

Common Hotmail issues can be solved by basic troubleshooting. To solve the troubleshooting issues follow the steps –

  1. Clear the browser details mainly the cache and cookies to access the Hotmail account.
  2. Check the server settings which enable the proper sending and receiving of emails.
  3. If the system has Adobe Flash Player then update the application.
  4. Disable the security applications in the system like antivirus or spy-ware and then check the Hotmail emails.
  5. Refresh the page in the browser if blank or white page is displayed.
  6. Restart the system entirely by closing all the running applications.

Support experts are also available over the helpline number to help the users in solving the Hotmail issues.

The server settings should be done correctly for the transfer of emails from various devices. Below mentioned are the correct the IMAP, POP3 or SMTP settings. Below mentioned are the correct settings.

IMAP Settings


Server Address –

Server Port – 993

SSL Connection –Yes

User name – Hotmail email address

Password – Hotmail password


SMTP Server Address –

Sever Port Number – 587

Secure Connection – TLS

POP3 Access


Server Type –

Server Port – 995

SSL Connection – Yes

User name – hotmail address

Password – hotmail password


SMTP Server Address –

Server Port Number – 587

Server Authentication - Yes

Secure Connection –Yes, TLS


Dial the Hotmail Customer Service Number if the server settings are not working properly. Support experts provide extensive help and assistance for the resolution of the account and email problems.