How to change icloud Account?

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change icloud password

The password can be hard to crack,Guest Posting there can be many times when a user does not remember the password and if this has happened to you as well then password immediately as there are high chances of a data breach. If a user Has a strong password can be highly recommended as protection against data breach.

How do change Icloud password on my IPhone?

  • Go to the settings page on your iPhone device.
  • Go down so as to select “password and accounts”
  • tap on icloud below the Accounts option.
  • Shoot the password and security button on the screen
  • Also select the change password located on the top of the page of the screen and ensure the user password meets a certain level of criteria
  • Type the new password two times in order to choose okay

How to change the password on Mac?

  • Go to the Apple menu then visit preferences and click icloud
  • Then tap on the account information
  • On the new window shoot to the security tab
  • Next step is to press the icloud change password option and then the user have to input on password change on your mac’s admin account. Input password two times in order to verify and then select okay.
  • These are some ways to change the password on mac and iPhone if still the issue persist then talk to customer care is for change Icloud password problem also user can report to help desk located on official site of apple even drop mail regarding the same.



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