How to Recover Lost Safari Bookmarks with iCloud

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iCloud lets you sync and store data with your Mac, iPad or iPhone, including your bookmarks. If you have iCloud configured, your bookmarks will appear across all of your devices. This means if you update your bookmarks (e.g., adding or removing bookmarks) on your iPhone, your new bookmarks will sync between all of your Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad etc). This also means that If you have deleted your Safari bookmarks by mistake, you may be able to get them back.

Source: How to Recover Lost Safari Bookmarks with iCloud

Safari is the default browser on iPhone,Guest Posting iPad, and Mac and bookmarks are major parts of browsers because, with bookmarks, users don’t have to insert website addresses always. It is like a record that you save in your browser. In iPad, iPhone, and Mac, Safari can save the bookmarks data in iCloud, so if somehow you lost your bookmarks history, you can still access it from iCloud. Most of the owners of mobile devices don’t know about saving bookmarks in iCloud, but it is the most secure and reliable process if bookmarks are essential for you. In bookmarks, you can save any website, and for the next time, you just have to tap on the bookmarks list to access your preferred website instantly.

Bookmarks history does not sync with online drive automatically, and that is why most of the people lost bookmarks and don’t get it back. In your smartphone device, you just have to enable iCloud syncing to save your entire bookmarks history. After you start syncing bookmarks with iCloud, you can access it on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone as well. Even if your bookmarks deletes from safari, you can still restore from iCloud. The reason for losing bookmarks could be any, but from iCloud, you can get it back.

The ecosystem of Apple is the best, and that is why syncing data, among other devices easy. iCloud is the best source for syncing documents, links, images, videos, and notes. It can even take data of the applications, so if you lost your device or corrupt the software, your data will be safe. To recovering bookmarks using iCloud, here is a straightforward process to follow.

How to Recover Bookmarks from iCloud

iCloud is available in every device to store the backup. Enabling iCloud is necessary for storing and recovering the backup. If your iCloud backup is not enabled, then you will not be able to recover your lost safari data.

  1. To access iCloud for restoring data, you need to open the website on Mac, Desktop, or iPad. It will not open on the iPhone. “Sign in” your iCloud insert your “email and password” and tap on the right “arrow” to access the iCloud.
  2. Go to “Account Settings” by “tapping” when you open the homepage of iCloud.
  3. On the Advanced Section press on “Restore Bookmarks” to access the feature.
  4. In the Restore Bookmarks section, a message will pop up where it will represent all the safari bookmarks that you stored before. In the following section, bookmarks will be sorted by date. Mark those bookmarks that you want to restore, and if you wish to choose all, then tap on “Select All” and click on “Restore” for the process.
  5. If your bookmarks are multiple and in higher numbers, so it will take some time to restore. After completing the restoring process, tap on the “Done” icon below to end the process.

From this following procedure, you can get your lost bookmarks back in your iCloud. After restoring if you sign in Mac, iPhone, or iPad, your lost bookmarks will present in Safari like before. The process of restoring data is the most straightforward process in iCloud, and that is why who knows its advantage, they prefer to use Apple devices. Apple keeps your data safe and private, so only you are the one that can access your data.

iCloud is an online drive service of Apple that provides 5GB of free space for backup. You can use your Apple ID as your iCloud account. In iPhone, you can only take a backup, but login iCloud desktop website version cannot open.

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