How to change standard user to administrator in Windows 7?

Apr 1


Tony Allen

Tony Allen

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This article mainly tells you how to change a standard user account to administrator in Windows 7.


You are able to decide the account type whenever you creates a new user account in Windows 7. If you want to change your mind after creating the user account,How to change standard user to administrator in Windows 7? Articles you can simply do that as you wish. The following information will show you how to change your user account type in Windows 7.

1. Go to Start button - Control Panel - User Accounts and Family Safety - User Accounts.

2. Click Manage another account. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

3. Click the account you want to change, and then click Change the account type.

4. Select the account type you want, and then click Change Account Type.

Before taking the above steps, you should know what's the difference between standard user and administrator. Please note Each account type gives the user a different level of control over the computer. The standard account is the account to use for everyday computing while the administrator account provides the most control over the computer, and should only be used when necessary.

According to Microsoft, Standard user lets you use most of the capabilities of the computer, but permission from an administrator is required if you want to make changes that affect other users or the security of the computer. Whereas, administrator lets you make changes that will affect other users. Administrators can change security settings, install software and hardware, and access all files on the computer. Administrators can also make changes to other user accounts.

One more tip: Please remember to create a password reset disk if you add a password to your new use account. It will be helpful when you cannot remember the password.