How to Install Replacement Non-Original Ink Cartridges in your Printer

Sep 2


Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston

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If you are not sure of how to replace a non-original ink cartridge or having an error message. Get a proper guideline here with smallest details to process.


“Is fitting non-original replacement ink cartridges in my printer any different to replacing the genuine cartridges?” is a common enquiry and the simple answer is no,How to Install Replacement Non-Original Ink Cartridges in your Printer Articles but it’s possible you may encounter some issues with cartridge recognition. Something to remember is, that when you remove an ink cartridge from your printer either because it’s empty or because it isn’t working, you should always replace it. The reason for this is that you don’t want the print heads to dry out and become a problem later on. If you are replacing the cartridge, always check that it carries the same code as the one you are removing. So, as to avoid putting the incorrect ink cartridge into your printer.

When you are satisfied the ink cartridge is the correct one for your printer, then, unwrap the cartridge paying particular attention to make sure you don’t touch the ‘chip’ with your hands any contamination of the chip may prevent the cartridge from working properly.

The next step is to insert the replacement ink cartridge into the printer. When you have lifted the top casing or ink-housing lid of the printer (replacing an ink cartridge on all printers will vary), remove the old cartridge first by giving the printer the command to change the cartridge. This should move the cartridges into the position where you are able to access them. You can only replace the cartridge you are removing with the same colour that you have removed. Some people make the mistake of thing that they can insert a black cartridge into the cyan slot (maybe because they don’t have a spare cyan in stock and want to get the printer running with any other full cartridge in its place). This is not possible so always make certain the cartridge your replace is like for like in colour.

When you have installed the non-original replacement ink cartridge everything should work fine and you can proceed to print. If there is a problem that prevents you from doing this, for example, if an error message appears then are a few remedies that may rectify this. If an error message appears to say that the ink cartridge is not recognised try the following solutions:

1. Check that the ink cartridge is the correct cartridge for your printer. It may not fit the printer but is in fact not the correct cartridge. This is a common trait with some Epson, Brother and Canon printers.
2. Remove the cartridge and with a clean dry soft cloth gently wipe the ‘chip’, this is the copper area of the cartridge, as there may have been a build up of static on the chip preventing the printer from reading the information.
3. Make sure that the cartridge makes a click when inserted, to ensure the cartridge is properly located in the printer chamber.
4. In the case of some Canon re-manufactured cartridges, it will be necessary press the red triangle on the printer and hold down for 5seconds, this will bypass the printer circuit and will allow the printer to recognise the ink cartridges and commence printing.

As a last resort it possible that the cartridge may be faulty and is the cause of the problem, it's worth trying out all the above suggestions before replacing the cartridge.