A Few Guidelines When Refilling Ink Cartridges

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Refilling ink cartridges helps you save printing cost.  Here are some simple guidelines and precautions to make the refilling part easier for you.

Refilling an ink cartridge is easy when you purchase an ink-refilling kit. The kit comes with tools and instructions that would help you perform the task. You can avoid the hassle of running to the store and have your ink cartridge refilled by just following a few simple guidelines for refilling ink cartridges.

1. To start refilling,Guest Posting make sure that all the components are included in the kit. Use the syringe to draw the ink out from the bottle. Do this over a sink or inside the bathroom to avoid any mess when drawing the ink. The amount of ink varies, depending on the brand, like Epson, which can have as much as 17ml black ink and 8ml coloured ink. Read the instructions carefully to know how much ink can be transferred.

2. The ink cartridge top should have a hole bored on it; use a ball point to make little holes in each chamber. Inject the ink in the hole that is nearest to the label on the surface of the cartridge. The ink should be injected slowly so that bubbles and foam would not form inside the cartridge. The presence of air bubbles inside the ink cartridge will cause it to malfunction and fail to print. If ever there are air bubbles and the printer fails, try holding the ink cartridge upside down over a trash can and swing quickly upwards to release the air bubbles inside. This will make the ink cartridge eject the ink easier.

3. As for the holes bored during the refill, you do not need to worry about sealing those because there are breather holes on top of the cartridge.

4. When there is still ink left in the syringe, just return the ink in the bottle for later use. Clean the syringe thoroughly after use. It is best to have different syringes for black and coloured inks.

5. Check if the ink cartridge is refilled correctly by running the printer three times as soon as the cartridge is inserted back into the printer. Check for gaps while printing. In case of gaps, continue running the printer until the gaps disappear.

Refilling an ink cartridge is easy. Here are a few more reminders before refilling your ink cartridge:

Refill the ink cartridge before it goes empty. An empty cartridge can get logged and dry up, which makes it unfit for another use. This will only good for the trash. Also, spare a full night after refilling an ink cartridge. This will help in stabilizing the pressure inside the newly filled cartridge.  Indeed, refilling ink cartridges is relatively easy and can be done by anyone. However, if you still feel that it would be better to hire a professional instead in refilling your ink cartridge, just look up the store nearest your home. They will be more than willing to help you with this. They are trained professionals who can help you with this task.

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