How to prepare your Windows computer to download and install McAfee Consumer products?

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The user needs to conduct an inspection of not just hardware part but software as well, whenever any action is being carried out through the computer. In today’s time period, one is supposed to be very alert of activities being carried out. This is what sets the tone for an excellent display of work by the concerned user.

The world is filled with numerous hackers and scrupulous people waiting for the option,Guest Posting that would enable them in stealing all relevant or important data. It is rightly said, that computer system or laptop manufacturers have to devise smart and rigid ways of stopping hackers immoral form of work. Having said this, there are many ways that can’t be picked up even after close scrutiny. No wonder better or reformed form of work is needed, this is where the arrival of security tool like McAfee Antivirus is into action.

The structuring of different layers of essential features or elements working in combination to provide complete protection of data and other relevant information. If there is anyone looking for crystal clear methods then one should call through McAfee Help Number UK and requisite form of solutions will be provided.

The concrete steps which are supposed to be adopted before installing McAfee Consumer Products inside computer system are: -

Step – 1 Ensure your version of Windows is latest-

  1. The user is supposed to Click Start button or switch. It is located at the extreme bottom left of your windows desktop.
  2. In the search box:
  • The user is supposed to Type Windows Update.
  • The next step or stage calls for the user to Press Enter.
  1. The user is supposed to finally make a selection by Clicking on Check for Updates category or section.
  2. Then the user is supposed to carry out activity according to prompts being displayed. The Windows on another hand will automatically apply and download relevant form of updates.

Step – 2 Download and run the McAfee Pre-Install Tool-

This stage or section will mean that Computer System or Laptop is getting prepared for installation of McAfee Software Products.

  1. The user is supposed to first of all download Pre-Install Tool.
  2. Now just Double – Click the Pre-install Tool-Tool.exefile and later on just follow the necessary prompts.
  3. It is here user will read the warning message and Click Ok and agree for all the changes.
  4. Now after the Pre-install Tool is completed:
  • User is supposed to Click
  • Then Click
  • Now the user is supposed to Restart their Computer.

Step – 3 the user is supposed to uninstall the previous version of Security Software:

The concerned user should make sure that all previous version of security products is removed from the system. This way all forms of technical conflicts will be avoided at once. Well, the user should not have any confusion in terms of deleting the older version of McAfee Antivirus. Removal of all third-party forms or categories of software applications means that none of the duplicate actions will take place.


Step – 4 Running of McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR) Tool:

The smart and intelligent advice or suggestion provided by professionals of McAfee Antivirus is complete erasing or deleting of previous files saved inside the computer system or laptop. In fact, a better way is to conduct by executing it through McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR) Tool. This way all previous form of old or outdated files will be removed without any trace.

  1. The user should now correctly download the MCPR Tool.
  2. Version user in his or her work.
  3. Just in case the user actually sees security warning:


Then Click Yes, Continue or Run. It all is based on the version of your Windows.

  1. At the McAfee Software Removal Screen:
  • Then user is supposed to Click
  • Now Click Agree to accept End User License Agreement (EULA).
  1. Once, the Security Validation Screen is achieved:
  • Once the user reaches here, then he or she is supposed to Type exact carbon copy of characters as shown on the screen.
  • By Clicking Next. This step or procedure obstructs the accidental use of (MCPR).
  • In the last but not the least stage, the user will see one of the following sets of messages:

    Removal is Complete: The display of this message means, complete eradication of MCPR Tool is successful.

    • Re-start the computer system for initiating removal process smoothly.
    • Important: The user should be aware of the fact, that one computer system or laptop is started all previous version of safety tool is not present. So, the concerned user is needed to re-install high powered form of security software inside the computer system. All of this is done to make sure complete safety of data and other relevant information is saved.


      Cleanup Unsuccessful: The display of this signal is the perfect signal, that desired work did not take place correctly.

      • The user is supposed to Restart computer system and run MCPR in a successful manner.
      • The user does not have to worry if the visual effect of Cleanup Unsuccessful is displayed.
      • The user is supposed to restart the computer system all over again.
      • Now, just try to attempt to reinstall, the antivirus like – McAfee Security Software again.

      Provisions are available if the installation is not taking place.

      • Now Click here to make sure professionals are contacted by going on to link McAfee Technical Support Number UK 0800-756-3354.
      • Let the agent be aware of:
      • MCPR displayed Clean-up Message and it was unsuccessful.
      • The user is not able to install McAfee software in a correct and precise manner.

      Once, all the above-mentioned steps are performed or carried out properly, then it is said that computer system or laptop is fit for installing McAfee Security Software.



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