How to troubleshoot McAfee error 2318?

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This article published below gives a brief overview to troubleshoot Macfee error and disable temporary McAfee which cause of the error. You will find the best possible and easiest way to resolve this. Here are we adding Cause, symptoms and few techniques to speed up your device which gets slow due to Mcafee.

Security software means McAfee! For many computer users,Guest Posting McAfee antivirus is the only choice for security software as it provides all the features and tools which are necessary for device and data protection. This robust antivirus merely shows any troubles. In case your McAfee is showing any error while you work on another program then try disabling it. Follow the steps given below to learn how to temporarily disable McAfee:

  1. Go to the desktop and right-click on McAfee icon on the bottom-right corner
  2. Click on change settings
  3. Choose Real-time scanning
  4. Now turn off the real-time scanning button
  5. Choose the period for disabling McAfee antivirus.
  6. Hit the Turn Off button.

Now your McAfee antivirus is disabled temporarily. Open the same program and check whether it is working properly or not. Many people reported that they are facing various runtime errors on McAfee. One of the most reported errors of McAfee antivirus is McAfee 2314. This error is a kind of runtime error also known as java error 2314. You can face this runtime error due to faulty hardware, faulty software, as well as due to file corruptions.

Symptoms of McAfee error 2318:

  • Error 2318 will appear frequently on the screen while running a program.
  • The program will freeze and error pop-up will appear on the screen
  • Your mouse will start responding lately
  • Error 2318 will appear every time you log in your device

You can get this error while installing or running any program. Some people also face error 2318 while installing McAfee antivirus on Windows PC.

Causes of McAfee error 2318

  • You have downloaded McAfee from third-party
  • Your installation process gets corrupted
  • Some malware infection has corrupted your Windows system files.
  • You may have deleted McAfee antivirus program files mistakenly
  • Your Windows registry files get corrupted due to any recent change on McAfee antivirus

Here are some possible ways to troubleshoot McAfee error 2318:

Run system file checker tool

In case you are facing this error due to system file corruption then the Windows file checker tool will scan and restore all the corrupted files. Here are the steps for running the file checker tool:

  1. Open your Windows PC and go to start menu
  2. Type command on the search bar and press the Enter button
  3. Click on yes button on the permission dialogue box
  4. Now type sfc/scannow on the command prompt (black box with a blinking arrow)

Hit the Enter button and the Windows scan tool will start scanning your whole PC. It will show you all the corrupted files on your PC. Click on the restore button for confirming the restoration process. Wait for completing the process and check whether now error 2318 gets dissolved or not.

Undo all the recent changes

If your PC is showing your error after making any changes on McAfee antivirus then undoing the changes will resolve the issue. You can use the Windows system restore tool to going back in time. Search for system restore on the start menu and then enter your admin credentials. Now you only have to follow the online commands to system restore.

If your McAfee antivirus is still showing runtime errors then try reinstalling it. Provide a fresh and updated McAfee antivirus installation to provide better security to your device.

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