How to recover Facebook password Through Email and Phone

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Recover your Facebook password if you can't remember your last FB account password. Follow on steps and get new password via phone & email.

If you forget your Facebook account password you have two options to recover it. You can either complete the verification to your phone or through your registered e-mail address.

With phone

Go to the login page of Facebook and click on the link forgot password.

Facebook will send a code to your phone group. You will have to enter the port in the space provided.

After this is done you can create a password and get back to your Facebook account.

Through Email

In the same manner as you chose the phone as an option to receive the verification code,Guest Posting you can select the e-mail register that Facebook to receive the verification mail

Here you will have two options you can either click on the link and you will be directed to the login page of Facebook.

You can then change your password and get back to your account.

You can also order natively enter the verification code which has been sent to your e-mail address and complete the process.

You will be able to move change your password and get back to you Facebook account once again.

Changing Facebook account password is very simple. Once you change your password you will receive a SMS and Email at you registered mobile number and e-mail account respectively. This is to ensure that you know that your account password has been changed. Facebook takes this step to provide maximum possible security to its customers. You’ll also be provided with the option you don’t recognize this activity. If you think that you had not change the password and you cannot relate with any such event, you can click on that link.

You will be allowed to make necessary changes including the password. This is to make sure that that no one is able to hack your is back account and compromise your privacy and safety. However, not all customers may be able to do the needful in case they forget their password. A call to Facebook customer care toll free number team will ensure that you have the necessary remedies at hand. The technical team of Facebook will listen to your issue of in a detailed manner and also allow you to understand the solutions. You can resolve any difficulty related to face who by calling the toll free help line number pitch is always active and available 24 hours and 365 days.

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