How To Restore Deleted Access File Items?

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The article discusses about symptoms of Access database corruption, how JET engine becomes responsible for Access database corruption, and Access Recovery tool that can be used to perform Access database file recovery and restore deleted Access file items.

There are many things that can happen both,Guest Posting inside or outside Microsoft ® Access, and cause corruption or damage in Access database file (.mdb). When Access database gets corrupted, some of items get deleted like you see #deleted appearing in records, some of the objects stored in Access database file become unusable, Access database file fails to get open in Access altogether, severe complicated irresolvable error messages occur and many more unexpected and unwanted things happen.
How JET Engine becomes responsible for Access database corruption? - Microsoft ® Access uses Microsoft ® Jet engine, which is a file sharing system, when this JET engine gets used in multiple-user environment, processes of many users use different operations like file locking operation, file read operation and file write operation on a shared database. Because MS Access Jet engine doesn’t use Transaction log like powerful database management systems like SQL Server and processes of many clients perform read, write, locking file operations on same database, corruption in Access database easily takes place. It is not reliably possible to avoid any or all database corruptions, somehow it takes place. This is how JET Engine is responsible for Access database corruption.
What are the major reasons that cause corruption Access MDB file corruption? - Incomplete write operations, hardware faults, saving and opening of MDB file in other programs are the major issues due to which an Access MDB file gets corrupted. Sometimes due these major issues of corruption, the items stored in Access file also get deleted and the need to restore deleted Access file items comes up.
How to repair Microsoft ® Access File, How to restore deleted Access file items? - Compact and Repair is a free utility provided by Microsoft ® that can be used for the repairing of Access database but, if there is some extreme issue of corruption in Access database then, this utility won’t be able to repair that and if some of your Access database items are deleted due to corruption then also this utility will fail to restore deleted Access file items. In situations of failure of Compact and Repair utility of Microsoft ®, the alternative solution, which you can try is, Access Recovery software. This software will surely repair your Access database file and will restore deleted Access file items. Recovery of database of all Microsoft ® Access editions is possible with this third party tool. No matter, which issue has affected your Access database, this tool can fix all of them without making changes in database.

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