How to Import MBOX to PST on Mac

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Here, I am to explain how to import MBOX to PST on macOS. It converts your .mbox mailboxes into Outlook PST format with all its attachments.

While storing mailbox data in MBOX file format,Guest Posting you may be looking for a way to import MBOX to PST file format. In this article, you will find different methods by which you can convert your MBOX files into PST file format.

MBOX is a suitable file format to store emails. Most popular email clients support this file format like Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Entourage, Apple Mail, etc. You can save your data from these email providers in MBOX format. Despite broad compatibility, this file format shows various vulnerabilities.

You need to store your mailbox files in an advanced file format. PST file format is an ideal format to store the complete mailbox data. Besides emails, it can save calendars, contacts, attachments, tasks, archives, etc. Also, it is comparatively durable than the MBOX file format. 

Before learning how to import MBOX into Outlook 365, you need to understand various reasons for the migration.

Why Do You Need to Migrate MBOX to PST?

Although both MBOX and PST are suitable for storing mailbox items, the MBOX file format has some limitations. It leads you to migrate your MBOX data into PST file format. Let us learn the main reasons to import MBOX to PST file format.

  • The first reason to import the MBOX to PST is you can open PST files in the Outlook application without any internet connection. However, it is not the case with MBOX files.
  • The PST file format systematically stores the mailbox information. Therefore, it is easy to navigate Mailbox, Attachments, Events, Calendars, etc.
  • MBOX file format stores the email in a suitable file format. But it is not ideal for saving other mailbox information. So, you have to import MBOX to PST to export complete mailbox items.

These are the main reasons for converting MBOX to PST online. Now, let us learn - How do I import a MBOX file into Outlook for Mac? 

How Do I Import MBOX to PST File Format

There are two approaches to import MBOX to PST on Mac. The first approach is standard techniques in which you perform some manual steps to migrate the file. It is a free and effective solution. The manual procedure consists of four steps.

  • Import MBOX to Apple Mail
  • Add MBOX to Eudora
  • Import MBOX to Outlook Express
  • Migrate to Outlook
Step 1: Import MBOX Files to Apple Mail

The first step to import MBOX to PST is to migrate the MBOX to Apple Mail. Follow the below procedure.

  • Open the Apple Mail on your Mac.
  • Now, click on the File option and then select the Import option.
  • Select MBOX files to import the data.
  • After that, press the Continue button and choose the MBOX file location
  • Next, select the desired MBOX files and press Continue to proceed further.
  • At last, click on the Done button to finish the import.
Step 2: Add MBOX Files in Eudora Application by Changing File Extension

You have to change the file extension to proceed further. You can do so by uploading the MBOX files in Eudora. The procedure to perform this step is below.

  • First, add the .mbx extension to the MBOX files.
  • After that, copy the files and paste them to the below directory.

C: Documents and Settings(user)Application DataQualcommEudora


C:Program FilesQualcommEudora

  • Now, open the MBOX files in the Eudora application. Next, close the application.
Step 3: Import the MBX file by Outlook Express

The next step is to import the newly .mbx files to Outlook express. This application can read the file format that is mandatory to import MBOX to PST files. Also, you can perform further steps.

  • First, launch the Outlook Express application and click on the File option.
  • After that, select the Import option and then click on the Message button.
  • Choose the Eudora application and click on the Next button.
  • Locate the .mbx file and click on the OK button to proceed further.
  • At last, select the Finish button to complete the step.
Step 4: Migrate Emails from Outlook Express to Outlook

Finally, you have to transfer files from Outlook Express to Outlook. It is mandatory to migrate MBOX to Outlook because it allows you to convert the MBX data to PST file format. Now, follow the steps below.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and press the File option.
  • Now, select the Open & Export tab and then click on the Import/Export icon.
  • Choose the Import Internet Mail and Addresses option. Click on the Next button.
  • After that, click on Outlook Express or Windows Mail and proceed further.
  • Now, press the Import button to initialize the file import.
  • Now, you can access all your MBOX files in Outlook.

By following the above procedure, you can easily import MBOX to PST on Mac. The standard technique is effective, but it is time-consuming and difficult for naive users. Also, the chances of file corruption are high. Therefore, you need an advanced solution to your problem.

Limitations of Manual Methods in Importing MBOX Files

As we say in the above section, the standard approach is not the ideal option for converting the file format. The manual method has various drawbacks over the automatic technique. Some of the limitations are.

  • The standard method is time-consuming. You need to perform multiple steps to import MBOX to PST file format.
  • It is not an effective solution because there are chances of file corruption.
  • Beginners can not perform the complicated steps of manual solutions. They need a simple and quick solution.

Because of these reasons, you should use professional software to convert MBOX to PST file format.

Professional Solution to Convert MBOX to PST for Mac

The best solution to convert your MBOX files to PST file format is professional software. The MBOX Converter for Mac software can easily import MBOX to PST file format without altering the file information. It is a fast and effective solution to your problem. Also, the procedure to change the file format is easy to perform, and the graphical user interface is interactive. Any new user can easily import MBOX to Outlook in a few simple steps. Therefore, it is a better option than the manual approach.


The manual techniques are not effective in migrating the MBOX files. Therefore, you should choose professional software to import MBOX to PST file format. It is the best solution that is easy and effective. It is ideal for naive users because they can convert the file in a few simple steps.

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