How we can get the training for agile and methods of agile training.

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Agile training is usually done by attending various classes which can be a number of days which are usually less than a week or maybe a couple more for complicated lessons. Agile training can also be done through an online learning. You will basically have to follow what you are being directed to do. Agile training which is learned though attending classes can be dived into three. These include: pilot agile,Guest Posting scaling agile, and enterprise agile. Pilot agile will include the following classes. 1. Real world Agile and Scrum for team. This course is designed to spending about 75% on' how' while 25% on 'why' and 'what' you can start using your team tomorrow .the team is trained on all roles this include business product owners. This training is usually conducted in three days. 2. Agile team health retrospective assessment. This workshop is a powerful deep-dive strategic retrospective. It focuses on areas that affect team performance and health. You should complete 360 team health radar that should cover 5 key dimensions that are: clarity, performance, leadership, culture, and foundation. This course should be attended by analyst, architect, business customers, executive, and manager product manager among others Scaling agile 1. Scaling Agile to large Multi-teams. Teams will learn how to plan at the release, iteration, and daily levels well. They may get stuck when it comes to planning a release across multiple teams. Agile program with deliverables that span across several teams. This is usually two day training. Attendance should be from business leaders, manager team leader, and project manager 2. Leading agile teams. This is a deep dive course that will defiantly take you through some advanced topics on how to take your skills to the next level. Participant will start by brainstorming many of the real world challenge that a majority of leaders do face .practical ways to solve this projects will also be established. This is a two day training programme meant for all. 3. Agile estimate and planning. This course will dive into topics of agile estimates and planning at the release level and at a programme level. This course is dedicated to demystifying concepts of 'just enough ' upfront requirements. Those who should attend include analyst, architect developers among others Enterprise 1. Certified product owner. Teams are selected every two to four weeks to learn topics from the product backlog. This backlog is prioritized by product owner in scum. He/she determines the order of features developed on basis of their value to customers. This training is a two day training and those attending should be business customers, business leaders, project manager. These are only a few of some of the agile training offered by different organizations. Some of the organizations offering agile training include Version one, APMG International, See International, Collabnet. Agile transformation. These are only some of the institute offering this teaching about these topics. They provide training at different period and visiting/goggling they will give you the exact date for commencement of classes.

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Agile training which is learned though attending classes can be dived into three. These include: pilot agile, scaling agile, and enterprise agile.

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