In what way Hadoop is used in companies to handle Big Data?

May 16


saya charming

saya charming

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This article is about how Hadoop is used in many organizations.


Here we have listed and explained various top companies which use Hadoop and relevant platforms.

Facebook Utilizes Hadoop and Hive

We cannot even measure and imagine the appropriate amount of data produced by Facebook images,In what way Hadoop is used in companies to handle Big Data? Articles posts, profiles, videos and every activity happening on FB. According to the company professionals and experts, the functions of Hadoop on every Facebook product and in a variety of ways. User actions which include status update, likes, or add comment are saved and stored in a good distributed and customized database, MySQL. The same way, messenger application of Facebook runs on HBase, and all the messaged received and sent on Facebook are collected and hoarded in HBase. Enroll now for the Hadoop Training in Chennai.

Furthermore, almost all of the external developers and advertisers applications and campaigns that are running on this social media platform use Hive to process their success reports. Facebook has developed a higher level data warehousing infrastructure with Hive features which help in querying the database with SQL language-HiveQL.

Amazon uses Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2) and Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

Amazon web services, the topmost E-commerce today, simplifies its big data analytics and processing with Elastic MapReduce web service. EMR offers a managed Hadoop framework which employs cost affordable, quick, and easy mechanism to compute and dispense an abundant amount of data covering Amazon EC2 instances. The prominent functions which are performed in Amazon web services by Hadoop include data warehousing, financial analysis, web indexing, machine learning, bioinformatics, and scientific simulation. Hadoop Training Chennai offers you greater insights which help you build your profile in an effective manner.

eBay works with 532 clusters of nodes

eBay which is another global retailer online makes heavy utilization of components of big data Hadoop such as Apache HBase, Apache Pig, Apache Hive, Java MapReduce and its Search Research and optimization.

Adobe Utilizes Apache Hadoop and Apache HBase

Scheduling a deployment of about 80 clusters of nodes, the processes of Adobe presently contain 30 nodes that are running on HBase, Hadoop in clusters and HDFS in the range of about 5-14 nodes for its development and production operations.  Explore the Best Hadoop Training in Chennai to enhance your career.

Adobe is a familiar international enterprise whose services and products are used globally. One of them contains its Digital Marketing Business Unit. The ecosystem of Hadoop is deployed on VMware vSphere of Adobe for various Adobe users. Hence this deployment has minimized time to view costs and data with existing servers.

This report is an idea via and cogent signal for those Software Administrators and Developers pursuing to obtain a level further in their careers which Hadoop is the real-time winner for big data analytics. There exist around thousands of latest available options which Big Data Hadoop offers for real-world enterprises and applications, offering maximum productive decision making and business value. Big Data Training in Chennai definitely enriches your knowledge and helps you in improving your skills.