Lexmark Printer Not Printing Troubleshooting

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In case the users are facing Lexmark Printer not printing issue then they can move down the tutorial

In this article,Guest Posting we will talk about how you can fix your Lexmark printer not the printing problem. To solve the problem, we have to follow the steps listed in the article. All methods are listed in detail to make the process easier. Read this article to learn how to easily fix Lexmark printers that are not easily printed.

One of the common reasons is that the main paper tray may be accidentally placed on the wrong type of paper. Improvement is simple with business-class network printers.

  1. Access the printer with your IP address, search for "paper menu" or something similar.
  2. You should see something like this.
  3. If you select the tray under Type 1, you will see several options, such as the one below.
  4. If the selected option is not "plain paper", the printer may stop printing the duplex. Simply changing this option to "plain paper" will allow the printer to print on both sides of the paper.

Sometimes the printer displays an error on the screen to inform the user about the cause of the problem, but not always.

Unfortunately, there have been many cases where the type of paper for the printer's main tray has changed; However, this could have been done randomly by another user

Restart printer

The next solution to fix the Lexmark printer is not a printing problem, but a restart of the printer. You have to follow the steps given below.

  1. First, you need to find the power button for your printer. After this, you have to press the power button.
  2. Once done, you also have to press the cancel button. You have to wait for 4-5 seconds.
  3. After this, you have to release the button.
  4. When you release the cancel button, it will automatically restart your printer.
  5. You have to see the glowing indicator. When this eyelid stops blinking, it indicates that the reloading process is complete.

We believe that all of the above methods are sufficient to get rid of printing problems with Lexmark printers. As we have mentioned, you can solve the problem easily by adopting the methods mentioned below. We hope you find the article useful. If you still have a problem with your Lexmark printer, you can talk to customer support or visit their official website to contact them.

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