Why a Wireless Printer is Offline?

Jun 5


Sylvester Balchunas

Sylvester Balchunas

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Follow these simple steps to bring the wireless printer back online. Check how to fix this printer issue by reading this article. Hopefully this guide helpful to you!


Sometimes After trying to print an important report for a client,Why a Wireless Printer is Offline? Articles you will find nothing is printing, and you have no idea why. There are many reasons Why a Wireless Printer is Offline? The reasons may range from connectivity issues to a powered-down printer.

Many of the times, you can bring the printer back online with a few mouse clicks in Windows, but if not, then there is a need that you should take some additional steps to bring the wireless printer again online from offline status.

Sometimes when you open the file that you have to print and click the Print button and wait for the printer to perform its function. And nothing changes. Then, suddenly a message is displayed at the bottom-right corner of your PC desktop saying that the status of your printer is offline.

Below in this post, we are going to discuss different reasons or we can say a cause for Why a Wireless Printer is Offline?. We will also discuss all the possible solutions to troubleshoot the issue in printers.

Why is a Wireless Printer Offline?

There are many reasons for Why a Wireless Printer is Offline? below we are going to discuss some common reasons for printers that show offline status. Now check Why a Wireless Printer is Offline?

  1. No paper
  2. If you’re running Windows 8 then this could be the problem instead
  3. The printer is actually a scale model of a printer and not an actual printer
  4. No ink
  5. The issue can be caused even when the printer does support SNMP, but somehow the SNMP communications aren’t getting through
  6. The printer has become sentient and is busy plotting to take over the world
  7. Not online
  8. Software or driver issues
  9. The issue occurs when you try to print a PDF or record from FileMaker (for Windows), the printer stops working, goes offline
  10. No printhead/drum/fuser/cartridge/ribbon
  11. Forgot to take it out of the box
  12. Damaged electronics
  13. Defective cable
  14. Loose connections inside the printer
  15. Wrong configuration settings
  16. Not plugged in (power or data connection)
How to fix Wireless Printer is Offline

You have to check for all the above-mentioned causes to find the root cause of the error and if your printer still shows offline status, then try completely shut down the printer and resetting the power by unplugging it, you have to wait for a few seconds then plug it back in. if the printer is still offline then follow the below-mentioned steps for bringing offline printer back to online

Check for Loose Cables and Network Connection

On the off chance that you are utilizing a system printer that is remote or wired and you encounter a system disturbance, for example, a power blackout then you should reset your switch or remote switch by unplugging it and afterward connecting it back to.

A transitory power blackout, even one that endures just a couple of moments, could have been sufficient to thump your remote switch of the system. Rebooting or generally resetting the modem or switch should settle the issue and bring the printer back online

Indeed, even an immediate association between the printer and the PC can go disconnected. A free link or low-quality association could make the printer go disconnected and quit reacting to your solicitations.

This can happen in the event that you as of late re-found your printer or PC. Haul your PC out and check if it’s legitimately associated with USB. Additionally, attempt another USB space in the event that one is accessible. Additionally, check the printer association which is connected to the printer for a free association.

Check to See if SNMP is Enabled on the Printer

A bug found on a few distinct adaptations of Windows including Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (not basic on Windows 8) is when SNMP is empowered on your printer it might indicate disconnected and online irregularly.

SNMP is a convention used to send log data to various hotspots for investigating. What is occurring is if your Windows PC isn’t getting a reaction by means of SNMP it expects that the printer is inaccessible and marks it as disconnected. But basically, you needn’t bother with SNMP on the off chance that you are only a common home client with your printer.

The straightforward arrangement is to handicap SNMP. To impair SNMP, right-tap on the printer in the Devices and Printers window, pick Printer properties, pick the Ports tab, and select Configure Port, at the base you should see a checkbox that empowers and handicaps SNMP. Ensure it is disabled.ose association.

We hope this guide will help you solve the issue of why a Wireless Printer is Offline. If you’ve tried all of them and your problem still persists, then you will be facing the hardware-related problem. In this case, you can contact the printer offline support for further guidance for Why a Wireless Printer is Offline?