Linux VPS Hosting – Reasons Behind Its Popularity

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VPS Hosting (Virtual Dedicated Server) has very implications as well as it is important to be familiar with the features and benefits.

Linux VPS hosting is the popular choice for website owners who have outgrown their shared web hosting. An India VPS server is the ideal middle ground between a shared hosting plan and a dedicated server. The Virtual Private Server hosting allows the user full control of the server at a much lower price than a dedicated server.

While the Windows operating system has dominance over Linux in desktop computers,Guest Posting this is not the case when it comes to servers where Linux has an advantage. Below are the reasons why Linux VPS hosting is the popular choice.

Linux India VPS Server is More Affordable

When you buy VPS, you need to install several software in it to host and manage the website. If you opt for Windows VPS hosting, you need to acquire licenses for every software installed in the VPS. This will add to the total cost. But if you choose Linux, you don’t need to worry about licenses. It is open source operating systems that don’t require any license to run. This can bring down the total cost of the hosting.

Linux VPS Server is Lightweight

The cost of running a server depends on several factors that include the CPU, RAM, hard drives, and other hardware. It is only natural that you want to maximize the use of the resources that you have paid for. The good thing about Linux is that it is friendly to the system resources. It consumes less server power to run applications compared to a Windows server.

Linux VPS Hosting Prevents Viruses

Malwares and viruses are a nuisance for servers. Windows servers require a lot of security software to keep the VPS safe from viruses. When you choose a Linux VPS hosting, you will not be getting these issues. Its architecture is considered more resilient to malware and viruses. Security is one factor that you should consider when you buy VPS. Whether it is a simple blog or a full-service e-commerce website, Linux VPS server is the logical choice.

Linux VPS Hosting has Lots of Features

In most cases, you don’t need to install additional software when you choose Linux VPS hosting. Your website will be up and running as soon as you have migrated your site to a Linux server. Linux has been the preferred platform of web developers since the early ages of the Internet. It is a known fact that most popular Internet technologies were made and designed to run on Linux. These include PHP, Perl, MySQL, and Java.

Linux VPS Hosting is User-Friendly

When choosing an India VPS server, one of the factors to consider is its user interface. Most people think that Linux still has a command-line interface. But on the contrary, you can control the server through a browser window via Webmin or cPanel.

As you can see, Linux VPS hosting has the advantage over Windows VPS hosting. That’s why it is not a surprise that the former is the popular choice when you buy VPS.


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Raju Mehta

VPS Hosting (Virtual Dedicated Server) has very implications as well as it is important to be familiar with the features and benefits.

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