Google Account Recovery | 866-987-2475 Google Help

Jan 21


Nik Jackson

Nik Jackson

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Learn about the steps of Google account recovery using https-g-co-recover if you have lost or forgotten your mail password. This guide will surely help you to fix all Google Gmail related issues in one go.


A Google account is considered to be a complete set of webmail services. It is so proficient in managing various devices such as Blackberry,Google Account Recovery | 866-987-2475 Google Help Articles Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod and much more. Notably, there is significant use of the Google account on an Android device when someone purchases the new device. User can create his Google account on the Android device itself if he does not have these types of accounts when he starts using the Android device. The Google Account helps users secure their data and all important files from all devices, as previously mentioned.

Google account has several features and products to manage its messaging services without error, and it is Google which has developed a variety of innovative features such as Google+, search, map, Google Drive, my account, Google translation and much more. So there is an option to take advantage of Google services at any time.

The Google account can be created and installed on an Android device and a computer. But being a user-friendly service, it is also very easy to install and manage on Apple devices. Very often, users have to face some of the common problems, for example

  • Unable to sign in.
  • Unable to recover Google account.
  • Problem while setting up the Google Account.
  • Cannot delete Spam mail and much more.

All these above-mentioned problems make them too troublesome and powerless to solve if they are not aware of the technical troubleshooting procedure. But these are technical support experts who are there to provide you with the appropriate assistance to resolve issues in no time. As for Android, this is a software developed, supported and managed by Google. Google is still at the top of the world in the United States and provides a comprehensive, first-class technical support to resolve the problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Typically, users will view the Google account as a Gmail account using the correct email address and password for easy access. The sign-in option is visible on the first Google home page. But unfortunately, if there is any problem with the internet connection, it is impossible to solve. So if you are unable to recover the password, you can ask for help from a technician who is always committed to solving the problem in no time. Let’s find out Google account recovery procedure without getting delayed.

Here are the ways to recover password via Google account recovery software:

  • Turn on your computer device and launch an Internet browser.
  • Go to the Google page and enter the free Google Account Recovery software.
  • Press the download button from the link below and wait a minute.
  • Now click on the Run button and just install it on your device.
  • Now press the login button and enter the previous email address and password.
  • If you do not respond, click on the forgot password button and click on the verify button now.
  • A code would be sent to the mobile device that you must enter in the field.
  • A password recovery link will appear on the next page allowing you to enter the password in both fields.

Here are the ways to recover the password in case of loss of the mobile number

You can regain access to your Gmail account if you lost your mobile phone number, you need to perform the account recovery process using an email address. And this can be done by following the given steps:

  • First, you need to open the Google Account Recovery page on your browser.
  • Once you reach the recovery page, fill in the username and click Next.
  • Then click on the forgotten password? under the password field.
  • After that asked to provide the last password, if you remember, enter it. Otherwise, click on the Try another option.
  • In addition, in the account recovery options, choose the recovery email address to reset the password.
  • This way a password reset link will be sent to your email, check and click on the password reset link.
  • You will be redirected to the password reset page where you will find the option to set a new password.
  • Therefore, you must set a new password and confirm it.
  • And finally, click Save Changes.

This is how you can do Google account recovery without seeing any difficulty without using the mobile number.

Here are the ways to recover the password on the tablet

Do you access your Google account on the tablet to send and receive email or any other purpose? Then you will get the best features in its class and error-free. But sometimes many problems are encountered by users when trying to access the Google account on a tablet and one of the most common problems faced by users is forgetting the password. If you've also forgotten your Google Account password on Android, you can simply recover Google account on your tablet in a few simple steps.

Steps for Google Account Recovery on Tablet:

  • First, open a browser on your tablet and then go to the recovery page
  • Now you need to enter the Google ID as the password you want to recover.
  • You can ask to enter the last password if you remember, then click Try another way.
  • Now click on the Send Code tab and then a verification code will be sent to your recovery phone number.
  • Type the new password and then you will need to re-enter the same password to confirm it.

These steps can help Google account recovery on tablet in a very simple way.

Unfortunately, if there is a problem and you are unable to log into their Google account or display a message for incorrect credentials, it is time to dial the Google help phone number offered a kind of help to reach and thus solve the problem of technical support engineers who are available in their office to deal with the problem in a very short period of time.

So rejoice and contact the technicians for simple advice. Not only that, but you can also contact the technicians by email, chat, remote software, but for instant help you need to dial their phone number or Gmail customer service which helps you access the technicians who will suggest the right concept to solve the problem on time.

Here are the ways to recover Google Pay PIN

Google Pay is one of the fastest and most secure online transaction platforms used by millions of users around the world. One can send and receive to their contacts very quickly with the help of Google Pay account. But sometimes, problems arise when users forget their Google Pay account PIN and are looking for ways to recover their PIN, which is very easy to recover using simple instructions.

Steps for the Google Account Recovery Pin

  • First, open the Google Pay app on your phone.
  • Tap your photo which is available at the top left of your screen.
  • Tap the bank account linked to the Google Pay account.
  • Now tap on the Forgot UPI PIN option.
  • Enter the last four digits of your debit card and the expiration date in the given field.
  • Now you will get an OTP on your registered phone number and then enter it in the required field.
  • After that, enter a new password for your Google Pay account to complete the process.

Using the Google account recovery instructions above, you can easily recover your Google Pay PIN code and if you are still unable to recover your PIN code, contact the customer service team for assistance perfectly.

Here are the ways to recover a Google account if you forgot your other email address

Lost access to your recovery email and don't know how to recover your Google Account? Then don't worry, because on this page you will be provided with the steps to recover Google password using an alternative method.

How to recover a Google Account using a phone number

For users who have lost access to their recovery email, here is the procedure for opting for Google account recovery using phone numbers.

  • Launch the Google recovery page to start the recovery process.
  • Then enter the user name.
  • Now, for account verification, the user will be offered recovery options where the user must select the recovery option via the phone number.
  • In addition, a code will be provided to the user whose account he must provide.
  • Once the Google account is verified, the user can create a new password and save the changes.

If the user is unable to complete the recovery process, they can either opt for recovery via the security question option or contact Google support to request the required assistance.

Therefore, the next time you experience this problem, follow the steps provided and recover your Google account.

What to do if Google Account Recovery not working?

Google Account Recovery is something that can get you out of the situation when you are locked out of your account. But what can users do if they have a problem recovering their Google account? Well, there are things that a user should check if Google password reset not working.

Helpful steps:

If Google Account Recovery doesn't work, these steps will help you. You can also contact customer service managers for help with Google Account Recovery.

Check the Internet connection:

The first step is to check the Internet connection. Users must ensure that the Internet is functioning properly and is stable. It will take a stable internet connection to recover the account.

Verification code:

If you have not received the verification code, the network problem may be the reason. Make sure you are in the network area. You can also request a call from Google to get the verification code.