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Mini DV decks are generally meant for the high end user. These decks have may functions and features,Guest Posting all available in a single device. Some Mini DV decks are meant for home use while others are restricted to offices, educational institutions, and presentation halls.

Mini DV decks are mostly player-recorders, with most of them having editing facilities. The main problem with use of decks is their size. Because of their bulk, they are not portable and cannot be carried on outdoor locations.

The Panasonic AGDV 2500 recorder player is meant only for office or educational/ business institution use. It is more compact than other recorder decks with similar features, weighing around 5 pounds. It records in DVPRO as well as Mini DV format, and can play DVCAM. It comes with a built in microphone and remote control.

JVC\'s S and B series are also very popular when it comes to Mini DV decks. The models in the series are named in multiple of 3, for example, the SR VS 3 U, the SR VS 30 U, the SR VS 300 U. The newer the model, the higher the number. JVC\'s Mini DV decks have many features in different combinations. The DVS 3 U, for example, has a two way format system, which allows Mini DV as well as S-VHS format recording. Additionally, DVCAM cassettes can be also played. It comes with a remote control and VHS stereo. JVC\'s SR VS 30 U, on the other hand, allows editing and Mini DV-to-VHS conversion features, apart from dual format recording. It costs around $2000 and is good for professional video making.

Mini DV decks can be quite expensive, since they come with a variety of features. The most economical Mini DV deck can set you back by $2000. However, for those who need professional recording and playback qualities, editing of pictures and sounds and conversion of recording formats on a regular basis, purchasing a Mini DV deck is a good option.

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