Features of the Samsung External Hard Drive

Apr 11




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Article about Samsung External Hard Drive.


A hard drive is the storage component of a computer. An external hard drive is a portable device used to store information. External hard drives are very useful especially when a computer’s hard disk is completely full. It is easy to access data stored on an external hard drive from any computer. There are different companies that manufacture external hard drives including Samsung. The Samsung Company has an external hard drive branded the Samsung Story Station. The Story Station is a Samsung External Hard Drive that is able to store different amounts of data. It comes with the capacity to store, Features of the Samsung External Hard Drive Articles five hundred Gigabytes, one Tetra Byte and one and a half Tetra bytes of data. The Samsung External Hard Drive meets the demand for portable, secure and economic way to store data especially for users of desktop computers. The company has enhanced the Samsung External Hard Drive to make sure that data stored is secure. The security protects the data from viruses and data loss that can occur from various problems. In order for the Samsung External Hard Drive to prevent data loss or security problems, it has three main safety features. These features are Samsung Auto Backup, SafetyKey and SecretZone. When the user requests to backup data, Samsung Auto Backup does it according to the user’s preference. SafetyKey on the other hand provides security for the data stored through the password used. Samsung Story Station SecretZone works by creating a virtual drive that provides encryption for data security.

Samsung also offers another external hard drive brand known as the Samsung S1 Mini. This Samsung External Hard Drive uses a drive that is one point eight inches. The hard drive is capable of storing one hundred and twenty gigabytes of data. The design of this external hard drive is attractive having a gloss black finish paved with small circles. When tilted, the circles sparkle with multicolored reflections. It also has a blue LED light that flashes when the drive is transferring data. The measurements of this Samsung External Hard Drive are a length of 87mm, a width of 62mm and a height of 15.5mm. The drive has a weight of 91 grams. The user is therefore able to carry this device easily.  The Samsung S1 Mini external hard drive does not come with an adapter because the USB connection is enough to provide the power needed. It comes with a short cord to plug into the computer’s USB.

The Samsung S1 Mini External Hard Drive has a data read speed of twenty-seven point nine megabytes per second and a write speed of twenty-three point five megabytes per second. It also comes with data security features such as SecretZone and SecretKey to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing confidential data by encrypting it. The users of this Samsung External Hard Drive have a choice of encryption algorithms. They can choose between 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES or Blowfish 448 algorithms. Users who need an affordable compact external hard disk are fortunate to have the Samsung S1 Mini available. The S1 Mini is affordable for it has a retail price of one hundred and thirty five U.S. dollars and comes with a three-year warranty.