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Nowadays, people are in search of small gadgets that will not become an inconvenience while traveling or working. Netbook computers are ideal for those who want internet access when they are far away from home, and that is why they look for the best products on online websites.

Nowadays,Guest Posting computers have the most important influence on our lives. Although at the beginning they were used only by big corporations that could afford them, nowadays every single person owns a PC. The computer evolution is simple: from big to small. That is the basic idea for computer makers and that is what every individual is looking for. Netbook computers are a better version of laptops. They are more compact and at the same time smarter, and can be carried around without creating any discomfort. Some of the best netbook computers can be ordered over the internet and if someone is looking for suggestion here are some of the best models : 12.1" Mini Netbook Intel Atom N455-Dual core 1.66GHz-FSB 533MHz-1366-768-16:10 and Ultrathin 13" Netbook Atom D425 CPU 1GB RAM HDD 160GB.

The 12.1" Mini Netbook Intel Atom N455-Dual core 1.66GHz-FSB 533MHz-1366-768-16:10 is a type of netbook computers specially made to attract women.  It can be bought in pink, black, white or gold and its size can convince any girl to acquire it. The screen size is 12.1'' 1366×768, 16:10 and it features an Intel Atom N455 Dual-core 1.66GHz FSB 533MHz processor with 1GB DDR2 RAM expandable to 2GB. It has an on-board Intel X3150 graphic card and Wi-Fi that can support 802.a/b/g wireless LAN. It also features a camera of 130 million pixels and Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7. Its sleek design will certainly make any buyer feel good about its acquisition and since weighs only 1.6 kg it can be easily transported to any location.

The Ultrathin 13" Netbook Atom D425 CPU 1GB RAM HDD 160GB is one of the ideal netbook computers to take with you while traveling or going to work. It has a very smooth, elegant and at the same time modern design and its configuration will convince anyone to buy it. It features an Intel Atom D425 1.6 Ghz processor and 1GB RAM. It has 128 MB of video memory and a display of 13” so it can play movies without problems. With a resolution of 1366x768 and a screen ratio of 16:10, there will be no image distortions. The main board is an Intel NM10 with a High Definition Audio Codec ALC97 sound card and an Intel GMA 950 graphic board. It can support Wi-Fi and LAN and it features a built-in 1.3 million pixel high-definition camera. The battery is a 4-cell Li-Ion and it can work with 100-240V AC 60W voltage.

The best feature of netbook computers is the compact size and the small weight, so in case you need to connect to the internet while traveling or working, this is the best product for you.

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