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chatFUSE is a live web-based chat software using php/MySQL and can be configured with any spoken language. With chatFUSE you can chat one on one with any visitor on your website or they can initate a chat with you. An easy to use interface allows you to manage multiple chats at one-time.

chatFUSE :-chatFUSE also integrates with digiSHOP Shopping Cart Software to allow to see which customers are in the process of shopping/ordering on your site and you can view the shopper's shopping cart contents at any time. The administrator can restrict IP addresses,Guest Posting manage departments, detail reports and more. DZOIC Handshakes Professional (social networking script)The script includes 99% of the source code which gives you the ability to completely customise any part you require. Modules: Blogs, Classifieds, Events, Clubs, Calendar, HotOrNot, eCards, Flash Chat, Flash Instant Messenger, contacts imported from yahoo, gmail, hotmail and aol. Recent updates also include the ability for members to share their music and video uploads. Software comes with a fully featured forum. The Script also includes a GetPaid module, which will help you earn money with Handshakes. You can setup membership packages with different access levels and charge members for the featured status of their classifieds or clubs. Handshakes also offers your members a unique way to personalize their profile with an option to select an individual template and modify the colour scheme of that template.

SMS Gateway-

Now 100% Open-Source! The source is no longer Encoded whatsoever! Looking to increase your website features? Have you looked into SMS technology for use with your website but were scared off from the high prices? Look no further! SMS solutions are everything you would receive from other competitors, but with one vital difference: the price! Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of our software solutions is the freedom of customizing. Our solutions are NOT branded nor do we require any credit posted on your website. A lot of software products available are heavily encoded and prevents you from being able to customize it to your needs. Our solution is minimally encoded providing you more control on how the applications operate and display. How easy is it to integrate any of our products? There are only 6 files to upload and a few lines of PHP code to place wherever you want to place it! SMS Text Messaging Enterprise - Offer free SMS to your users and earn moneySMS Text Messaging Enterprise script is the ultimate solution to jumpstart your highly profitable business by offering free sms to your users and earn money at the same time! Features include: allow your members to send free sms to anyone, worldwide coverage, send 100% anonymous/spoofed messages - senders can mask their mobile phone number, create address book and send bulk sms messages, paypal integrated membership system so that you members can also purchase sms credits. Check out our website to learn how you can easily triple blast your income with our unique SMS business model for your site.

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