Remote Access Software aids parents when monitoring their children's web activities

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This article focuses on parents’ ability to access their children’s PCs to monitor web activities. Parents, know their children are very impressionable and there are tons of messages which come at them from various sources. Those parents who are very concerned with their teen and pre-teen child's web habits have an ally with Remote Access Software.

When you think of Remote Desktop Software,Guest Postingmost people think of it in terms of accessing files that someone left behind or when theyre at a different location other than the computer they wish to use.But there are several uses families and especially parents can gain from Remote Access Software.Because parents lives are busier than ever before,and the computer and online marketing,especially to children,is at an all time high,parents need a way to keep track of their kids developing minds.Several experts agree that children left alone to use their computers unsupervised is not a good idea.Software specialists such as Don Schnure,President & CEO of warn that Letting a child use the Internet without supervision is irresponsible and dangerous.Internet monitoring software helps parents monitor their childs online activities without them needing to watch over the childs shoulder all the time. PCTattletale,along with several other manufacturers such as Webwatchers,offer an array of remote-access software devices.Their software allows children the ability to surf the web without the feeling their parents constantly looking over their shoulders yet parents can have the satisfaction of being able to set parameters as to where theyre going and the content theyre being exposed to.Recently,bullying has moved out of the classrooms and onto the Internet in a big way.Horrific story after horrific story lead the headline newscasts nightly about teenage girls and boys being cyberbullied,sometimes to the point of suicide.Cyberbullying for teens has advanced from the world of taunting by texts and SMSs to social websites such as Facebook,MySpace and chat rooms.It is the anonymity which poses the biggest problem.More than ever,a parent needs to know what their kids are exposed to beyond the classroom and playground.Knowledge of the online language or slang and whom their child talks with (whom they cant see) is just as important as people in their childrens lives that parents can see.Even the kids themselves believe that use of Remote Control Software tools for this purpose is useful.On the website - which is radical because some of the parental advice comes from kids themselves - kids agree that parental controls help.From a 2008 article to help tackle cyberbullying,they recommend,Watch Over Their [kids] Shoulder. and they continue by urging parents to seriously consider installing these on your home computers. If there is evidence of children themselves encouraging parents to do so,perhaps parents should take notice.There are more reasons why remote monitoring of a childs computer that is hooked up on a household network must be monitored.There is also the possibility that through the childs use of the computer valuable family,personal or financial information could be compromised.If parents name or address or other information can be given out without their knowledge there is no telling what that information in the wrong hands could produce.Parental monitoring has come a long way.Programs now can record and store all information online allowing users the ability to view it from anywhere in the world in almost real time.Keystrokes,emails,screenshots,websites visited,chat conversations,programs accessed and even dynamically filtered internet content based on keywords and URLs can be recorded on Webwatcher software.So,while there are a host of other distractions and environments parents have to be concerned with,its refreshing to know there are an equal amount of tools at their disposal to help them.PC Remote Access software makers make software that monitors childrens activity during instant messaging,chats,emailsFree Articles,and website URL without being detected from the user.The parent is able to see what their child is typing online as well as what is written back to you child.Parents interested in doing further research on the subject also have resource sites such as which supplies lists of helpful online suggestions to keep their children safe.

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