See How To Troubleshoot PC Mouse Problems Fast

Apr 2


Otis F. Cooper

Otis F. Cooper

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The ... is the largest ... in your PCand the Central ... Unit is its ... whenyour input devices go on the ... shut down ... Computer Mice problems come,w


The Motherboard is the largest component in your PC
and the Central Processing Unit is its brain.But when
your input devices go on the blink,you're shut down for
awhile.When Computer Mice problems come,we don't
panic as fast when we cannot access our hard drive.

When you grab your Mouse and either click or roll the
buttons and nothing happens,your computing fun stops.
Even though the mouse is a little input device,you will
wish you understood its every aspect when it dies.

When input device failure occurs,the problem may lie
with the computer's hardware,the mouse,or the OS or
Operating System.Let's take a look at what you should
check when mouse failure occurs.If you need help with
mouse components,
contains photos of every component in the computer.

When the mouse dies,you should be able to perform
the same functions with the keyboard.It may be a little
closer but you won't be shut down completely.


First....If the mouse has no movement,first look at the
mouse connection at the rear of the computer.Be sure
it is plugged in completely.

Second..remove the plug and inspect for any connectors
or pins that may be broken or bent.The connector
is color coded with green being that of the mouse.

If your mouse uses the USB or Universal Serial Bus
connector,check the connectors for any damage
and be sure it is plugged in.


Should your mouse quit in the middle of computing,
save your work immediately.Press the ALT key to
access your program and save your work.

Check the connection in the rear to be sure it has
not worked itself loose.If the connection is tight,
inspect the mouse components for birt.

Remove the retain and trackball inside the mouse.
Clean the ball with a mild solution and clean the
ball cavity with a cotton swab.Replace the ball and
secure it with the retainer.

Connect the mouse to the system unit and boot the
the computer.Try clicking a program to see if the
mouse wotks.If the mouse fails,check the device
driver for the mouse.


This problem may be the result of your computer
be affected by a virus.Use your Anti Virus software
to scan your sysem for viruses.

You can go to to download
a free version of anti virus software if you don't
have anti virus software installed on your system.

A corrupt device driver can also cause the mouse
to misbehaveCheck the device driver by opening
the Control Panel,and open the System folder.

Select the device driver tab and use the down arrow
key to scroll down to the mouse.Expand the mouse
to see if the driver is installed.

If you see a yellow icon,the mouse has a problem
and you can try to re-install the device driver.First
uninstall the mouse from Windows and reboot the

After the system reboots,the operating system will
find the mouse and re-install the driver.If you have
a wireless or USB mouse,re-installing the special
software may be in order.

A misbehaving mouse may occur when you install
another device on your system.If this happens,the
mouse and new device may be conflicting with each
other by using the same address.

Unplug any hardware you installed and uninstall
any software recently installed.See if the mouse
operates properly.

Use the System Restore utility to set your computer
back to a time when the mouse was working as it
should.The Registry can be the culprit of the mouse
behaving badly.

You can connect your mouse to another computer
to verify it is bad.If the mouse works on another
system,check the problems mentioned in the PC's
operating system.


To keep the mouse performing at its very best,you
should take the time to clean the components of
your mouse.Regularly clean the mouse ,both inside
and out.

Clean the outside of the mouse with rubbing alcohol.
This solution is best since it does not leave any
residue.Take the time to clean a small area first,to
to certain any damage to the plastic will not occur.

The components inside the mouse to be cleaned
are the Rollers,See How To Troubleshoot PC Mouse Problems Fast Articles as well as the Ball.These two parts
are the most important to be kept clean and always
take great care in doing so.

Carefully take apart the mouse by turning the retaining
ring counter clockwise to unlock it.Remove the Ball
and clean it with warm water and not alcohol.

The rollers inside the moise cavity can be cleaned
with alcohol by dampening a Q Tip and wiping the
rollers gently.

With clean hands,insert the ball back in the mouse
and replace the retaining ring.Now enjoy your
mouse and should it cause any problems,you're
armed with the knowledge of how to diagnose and
repair most problems