Should You Choose Salesforce as Your Career?

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Need of salesforce professionals are increasing day by day because wide range of companies from start-ups to large enterprises are moving to salesforce. If you are seeking to make you career in salesforce, it is good decision due to its huge demand in the current scenario.

To operate business effectively,Guest Posting salesforce has become need of every organization. Salesforce is used by wide range of companies from start-ups to large enterprise in various industries. As the need increase, the demand of salesforce professionals is also increasing. Making a career in salesforce at this movement is a good decision due to it’s huge demand in the current scenario.

If you want to make your career in salesforce or keen to know career path of salesforce professionals, here you will find the details about various job profiles which could be offered to the salesforce professionals.


Salesforce Developer: Salesforce developer is an individual who can develop custom applications on platform with deep understanding of salesforce and its limitations. Salesforce developers should have strong knowledge of APEX, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, XML, Java, and other programming languages.

According to, the average salary of salesforce developer in US is $87,000 annually (full-time).


Salesforce Administrator: Salesforce administrator is an individual who should have deep understanding of sales process and sales team.  Salesforce admin works with people at all level in the organization, from CEO of company to end users, so must hold strong communication skills. These following skills require to become a salesforce administrator

  • Should have good understanding of your business processes.


  • Must have excellent communication, presentation and motivational skills.


  • Should have patience and ability to listen and understand customer problems


The average salary of salesforce administrator in us is $6, 4000 as per survey.

Salesforce Architect: Salesforce architect is a key member of the salesforce implementation project team who should hold complete knowledge of web services, salesforce platform, various web development languages and business processes. Salesforce architect is responsible for owning and delivering complex solution using as platform. An individual must have strong leadership skills in all stages of the software development life cycle. Architect is responsible to ensure that the system accurately meets the defined expectations of business and proper testing is implemented.  

According to business insider, Salesforce architect is one of the best highest paying jobs.  The average salary of salesforce architect is $130,000.

Salesforce Consultant: Salesforce consultant is an individual who should hold deep understanding of salesforce CRM platform so that he/she can develop appropriate solution and analyze how changes impact a business for better or worse. A good salesforce consultant is one who is able to create a model for business by analyzing business needs and business processes.

The average salary of salesforce consultant is $114,000 in us, as per survey.


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