The Benefits of Using a Monetization Platform

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Various monetization platforms that help the software developers to earn some money with every install.

There are various monetization platforms that help the software developers to make some money. These monetization platforms are expert online marketing platforms. They provide a marketplace for technology that offers new softwares to the users. The consumers,Guest Posting developers, advertisers and web publishers, all benefit from these money making platforms.

They make use of the process called bundling of the software. Every time bundled software is downloaded, the developer gets paid for it. So, it is also known as pay per install method. The developer makes some amount of money for every installation of bundled software. One such platform that works with this method is Installmonetizer.

These platforms work on a simple process. The developer bundles an advertiser’s software with his own software that registers high internet traffic. When the user downloads the developer’s software, the user is displayed the installation offer of the advertiser’s software. It is up to the user to accept or decline the offer. If the user accepts the offer and installs the software of the advertiser through the hosting software of the developer, the developer gets paid for the install. This way, they can make money out of their work.

There is a huge competition in this emerging field and the payouts are very high. Through this method, the developers can generate funds for the next project or recover the investment in one of them. In a nutshell, they can earn a good deal of money without even moving a finger. These platforms offer great choice and flexibility to the developers as to what software to bundle and which screens to display with their software. This way, they do not have to stuff their software with the obsolete and amateur software. So, it is like a software referral platform.

Some people fear that it is loaded with malware and spyware. But put those fears to rest. These are highly safe and secure platforms. An extra care is taken to keep these platforms free from malware, spyware and other harmful features. The monetization platforms extend their features to many other platforms. They also monetize various content sites and download portals, affiliate pages, individual software products.

Apart from getting paid for every install, the developers enjoy simple and easy coding process, high rates of return and access to international buyers. The developers also have the option to combine instant wrappers which are ready-made bundles. These reduce the coding time and effort required but offers to generate the money by the similar process.

This gives an affordable option to the promoters and advertisers to market their products. They can promote new products and advertise lesser known products. Through this method, they get quality installs. They can also save up on huge marketing costs. This allows for a reach to a global audience and a wider market base. This method of online marketing overcomes the geographical limitation and makes targeted marketing a possibility.  

The advertisers get competitive install rates, best distribution channels that deliver high results, global installs and clean installation network. The consumers, on the other hand, get variety and are happily spoilt for choices.

In conclusion, these monetization platforms hold many advantages for the consumers and advertisers while enabling the software developers to make some money. So, go ahead to exploit this platform for your benefit.

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