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With Alderaan's naval defenses far from their charge, the forces of the Empire invaded the world in a swift and savage assault.

Although buy Swtor Credits Alderaan was safe from Imperial aggression for the remainder of the war,Guest Posting the invasion had a profound effect on the once-peaceful planet. Alderaan's leaders, who had previously been renowned for their pacifism, began to advocate aggressive military operations against the Empire in the Republic's Senate, as a response to the damage the Sith had inflicted on their homeworld. In 3,653 BBY, the Sith Dark Council was growing increasingly desparate for an end to the war, particularly after the debacle on Alderaan, a failed conquest of Rhen Var, and the loss of a blockade on the Hydian Way.Thusly, the Council called for a peace summit to convene on Alderaan to discuss the terms of a possible termination of hostilities between the Republic and the Empire.The summit ultimately yielded a peace agreement known as the Treaty of Coruscant—a document that later had severe consequences for the galaxy at large, and Alderaan in particular.

By all measures, the Sith had won the Great Galactic War, and the Treaty of Coruscant was little more than a concession of defeat for the Republic. The agreement was heavily biased toward Imperial interests—a fact that outraged Alderaanian politicians who had taken a hardline stance against the Sith. In protest of the Republic's establishment of peace with the enemy, Gaul Panteer, the Crown Prince of Alderaan, stormed out of the Senate and declared his planet an independent system. The secession was met with mixed reaction from the people of Alderaan and chaos broke out on the planet following the prince's assassination. The queen died in the following days, leaving the Alderaanian throne vacant and Alderaan's parliament unable to appoint a new ruling family. Several noble houses competed to become the new royal family, but the competition quickly became violent, with Republic and Imperial interests both trying to influence the outcome of what became one of the bloodiest planetary civil wars in galactic history.

The Swtor Gold Battle of Alderaan was created as a background event for the upcoming LucasArts video game, Star Wars: The Old Republic. The battle was first mentioned on the Alderaan page of the Holonet, an online feature available on Star Wars: The Old Republic's official website. The Holonet is intended to provide information regarding the history of the galaxy prior to the game's starting point. With regard to the Battle of Alderaan, the Holonet explains the reasons for the Alderaanian civil war found in the game.

The information on the battle was dramatically expanded upon with the release of Hope, the second cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The trailer revealed that Havoc Squad and the Jedi Order were involved in the battle, as well as Darth Malgus—a character who was first introduced in the previous cinematic trailer. The trailer was narrated by a Havoc Squad trooper, Jace Malcom, whose voice actor has yet to be confirmed by official sources. The release of Hope also confirmed the conflict's name as the "Battle of Alderaan."In March of 2011, eight months after Hope's release, BioWare senior creative writer and author of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Blood of the Empire confirmed via The Old Republic's online message boards that the unidentified Jedi female in the trailer is Satele Shan, a prominent character in the game itself.

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