What Server Should I Pick in SWTOR?

Feb 27




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When the long-awaited SWTOR finally comes out, players will have to carefully select their server type. Fortunately, in this SWTOR guide I will be showing you which server to pick. There are two things to think about when considering a realm: the server type and the server population.

There are three different types of servers Cheap swtor Credits announced so far for SWTOR: PvP Servers,What Server Should I Pick in SWTOR? Articles PvE Servers, and RP Servers.Players who pick PvP servers will be able to participate in open PvP against the other faction all over the world. This has both pros and cons.For some, the pros of a PvP server are is that it can just be plain fun. On the other hand, they can also be just plain annoying (when you are losing). Players who are rolling with a group of friends will find better success on PvP servers, as it is much easier to be the strong than it is to be the weak on a PvP server.In the end, there is not much difference between PvE and PvP servers since warzones and designated PvP areas will come to rule most of gameplay. Let’s face it: in any game with instanced PvP, PvP in the open world (provided by PvP servers) is virtually non-existent.Lack of world PvP is not such a bad thing, as while a few rare games (DAoC) had good world PvP, most games had almost no world PvP and it was really tough to actually find players to battle against (i.e. WoW before battlegrounds). It is the recommendation of this SWTOR guide that play whatever server where your friends or guild is going to play as it will not make much difference.I think the most overlooked aspect when selecting a server is the population, which will be the next focus of this SWTOR guide. There are two different types of players out there and depending on which type you are depends on what server to select.Whenever the game comes out, there will be servers available for play, and you will see that some worlds have low population, some have a medium population, some have a high population, and some are “full” (at least this is how the vast majority of MMOs label their servers).If you did not know, by the way, population refers to how many players are on a server relative to its capacity. Most MMORPGs are designed to be played on full servers.There are pros and cons of both low and high population servers. On low population servers, there is less lag, the server crashes less frequently, solo objectives are easier to complete, and most importantly there are never queues to log in to low-population realms.The downside is that it is much harder to Buy swtor Creditsget groups! It can be tough to put together a pick-up group for any sort of raid objective, there will be less raiding and end-game players on the server and things like “PvP zones” can all but dry up at off-peak hours on low population servers in other games. This rarely happens at release, however, and it takes a few people to get bored of the game before these effects are really palpable.High population servers offer more opportunities to participate in group objectives and end-game. They do however come with headaches: more competition (harder to level up), lag, and queues.The real advantage of a high-population server is options at end-game and server sustainability. In other words, many servers may start off with a healthy, medium population, but over time they will inevitably atrophy as players quit the game. The percentage of players logged into an MMORPG dwindles over time, so the server may be “full” to new accounts, but may not actually be full of players!Essentially, if you are going to stick with SWTOR for the long haul, it is the recommendation of this SWTOR guide that you try to land on a high population server come release. These will offer you the most fun at end-game once the queues die down. This can even be the case with casual players, as there are more opportunities to find pick-up groups.