The Top 3 Game Consoles Review

May 16


Roberto Sedycias

Roberto Sedycias

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With the increasing demand for video games, the game consoles are the latest trends in the market. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft pave their way to launch their products as the top 3 game consoles in this competitive playground!

Every few years,The Top 3 Game Consoles Review Articles a new game console hits the market but there are few that have remained the all time favourite of one and all. There are several game consoles that have been suitably designed to match the needs, budgets and tastes of every individual. Whether you are a growing child or an aging man, the game consoles are available in all ranges and diversity to give you a fulfilling and satisfying experience.

There are several game consoles already in the market that are quite popular with all age and class. Most of the credit for such a huge popularity goes to the giants like the Sony, the Microsoft and the Nintendo who keep on updating their product and continue to provide us with the latest form of entertainment. However, it goes without mention that most of these updates are in the form of a slightly different firmware, tweaking configurations and addition of a few more online features. Though these are factors large enough to pull the kind of crowd who always craves for more!

All the game consoles use the latest processors, storage mediums and disk drives and hit the majority of the audience with their artificial intelligence. Each game console has its special features and appeal and this makes it really difficult to rate these game consoles. The Nintendo Wii with its simplicity, active fun and unimaginable price is the best deal for the families, whereas the dual screen Nintendo DS is unmatched with its gaming prowess and innovative fun factor.

Going ahead, one cannot look beyond the dazzling Sony product - the PlayStation 2 - the stalwart in its own right !! This classic game console gives you the real value of your money and so does the PlayStation 3 - the best for high definition entertainment. With Nintendo and Sony as competitors, the Microsoft`s Xbox 360 strikes with a bang with its lively online gaming and unparalleled entertainment at a pocket friendly price.

However, if the top 3 game consoles are to be selected, the obvious choices would be the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the Wii. Interestingly, all these game consoles are quite unlike each other and each have their positive as well as negative aspects. It is also amazing to know that a person who is comfortable playing either of the three, can never play the other two comfortably!! This shows the basic structural and fundamental differences in all the three game consoles.

The Nintendo Wii comes as a surprise package amongst the three where its simple gaming technique and innovative motion-sensing controllers brings it to the league of the leaders. The affordable price of the whole system is also something commendable and today this console is the most rapidly used system with the children, the families and all casual gamers. Close to the heels of the Nintendo, the Microsoft came up with its Xbox series where the Xbox 360 turned out to be the most popular. This console has some amazing graphics and multimedia competency available online at a price quite comparable to the Wii.

The show stealer in the market still remains the ever branded and the most in-style product - the PlayStation 3 by Sony. This console is completely featured and it also boasts of being the best of Blu-ray players. The awareness of the brand name and the high-definition format acclaim makes PS3 quite expensive compared to its competitors but its formidably powerful and peerless gaming makes it worth the price!