Troubled with Dell Computer naming: Dell Consumer Computer Models naming

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Has trouble in the Dell computer name? This article will shows you how to name the Dell consumer computer, and here you can find some classic consumer computers.

Dell laptop has its own unique nomenclature,Guest Posting it is hard to see all the information from the model, the most obvious is the size. For example, a model, Dell is very hot "Inspiron 14 (I1464D-258)", fans have just read is 14 inches Inspiron 1464 laptop. (I1464D-258) the meaning of this string of numbers is just a configuration code or call number. Other consumer models is similar naming rules, such as Studio 15, Alienware M17x, etc. And Adamo series are all 13 inches, so use the code in brackets to distinguish between models, and this set of codes is difficult to grasp its laws. After Dell Inspiron series released, with its elegant appearance, slim convenient, exquisite workmanship, choice of materials and kind, configuration mainstream, fair price advantage, to become the backbone of Dell's market, which represents a classic product Inspiron 1440,1464 class size models more is red hot products. BTW: If you want to update your Dell Consumer Computer drivers, you can try to use a Best Driver Updater, it can helps you to solve you’re your Dell computer drivers update and problems. 2010, Dell innovation, by the wind Intel Core i platform and AMD VISION visual platform release New Inspiron 13Z, 14 and Inspiron M series models, expanding the Inspiron forces. Inpiron 14R also made innovations on mold, using pre-drift Yuet screen design and quality LCVM and Hyun brushed steel panels. Dell Inspiron 3542 Drivers Download from here, as a popular computer for you forever, if you have this one, you can update your drivers."Whether to see what, you will see a different Dell," said is Dell customized color covers DreamWorks. Studio is another series of personalized products after Dell Inspiron, a fashionable street sense of fun. Following Insprion and XPS Dell launch third home series Studio, including desktops and notebooks, among its positioning between the first two, giving consumers a richer choice. Studio Slim, its volume is only 1/2 of the general case, to maximize your desktop space savings, but also become a den in a beautiful landscape. Studio is divided into 14 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17.3 inches notebook products. Equipped with Intel Core i platform processor platforms. Compared to the appearance of mold terms is similar with Inspiron, the allocation is made to upgrade than the Inspiron, more personalized custom DIY notebook colorful color covers made it to a new height. If you have the classic Studio computer, here you can find Dell Studio 1535 Drivers Download and update to get the perfect performance. Adamo: Dell's traditional PC products are basically content with technology as a selling point, but Adamo is changed, it emphasizes design, image and personality. This is probably by far the thinnest notebook, its host thickness of only 10.25 mm, has reached a certain limit of the high-end interface (RJ-45 connector height of 9.8 mm). Dell Adamo as flagship of Dell notebook also embodies the latest research results, including all-metal body design, no screw technology, keyboard backlight technology. If you have the Classic Adamo computer 13 series, here recommend you to download Dell Adamo 13 Early 2009 Drivers for yourself. Alienware for game enthusiasts those who may already heard its name, its unassuming exterior design Cool, lines bold and avant-garde. At the same time, the appearance of high-end configuration and design maverick unprecedented experience for us. But for the average consumer, Alienware is somewhat strange. Dell Alienware almost designed with the concept of the extension of the streamlined ET aliens, and their products from start to finish embody the word "cool." Regardless of the cost when you can use the current media or propaganda makers in order to see the hardware, matched with superb workmanship and appearance design makes this notebook is every player's dream. And here if you have brought this computer, maybe is Dell Alienware Aurora (Late 2009), here you can download Dell Alienware Aurora (Late 2009) drivers for your computer.So this is the naming of the Dell Consumer computer, maybe this can help you to learn more about Dell computer. For choose a suitable computer is very important.

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