Unbelievable Prices for Non-Genuine HP364XL Ink Cartridges

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Buy a set of four non-genuine HP364XL ink cartridges only at €24.58 and get extra free inks of your choice with next day delivery and save money on printing.

We are now offering better than ever prices on our high quality compatible HP364XL ink cartridges. We have created bundle deals to suit everyone whether a heavy or occasional user. The non-genuine 3rd generation ink cartridges are the very latest version and will work with all the latest HP printers. The price difference between the original brand and the non-genuine HP ink cartridges is vast. A set of four genuine HP ink cartridges currently retail online for around €60,Guest Posting our set of non-genuine cartridges currently retail at €24.58 including delivery! And we give you an extra free ink cartridge of your choice! That’s five ink cartridges in total for well under half the price of a set of four genuine cartridges.

The non-genuine HP364XL cartridges also contain more ink than the genuine version. For example, the original black ink cartridge contains 18ml of ink and our non-genuine cartridge contains 18ml, so there is an equal amount of ink in the cartridges but the savings are on the cost! The genuine colour HP364XL cartridges contain 7ml of ink while their non-genuine counter-part contains 14.6ml, that’s more than double the original cartridge ink volume. There are great savings to be made on both the price and the cost of print per page.

The print quality of the non-genuine cartridges are every bit as good as the genuine with our customers happy to reorder the cartridges time and time again. Home and business users alike use this popular ink cartridge daily and with over fifty HP printers accepting these cartridges they are among HP’s biggest selling cartridge. When you install the non-genuine HP364XL cartridge (or as they are sometimes referred to – compatible inks), a message will appear in the printer window advising that the cartridge is non-original or non-genuine. You can click OK to this and the printer will accept the cartridge and print as normal.

These cartridges provide great value and affordable printing and are widely used across Ireland and the UK. Large bundle deals are available for the heavy home or office user and are especially good value and can make a real difference in the budget for printing throughout the year. Many Schools and Colleges have followed local businesses and made the switch to non-genuine cartridges in an effort reduce printing costs without losing print quality.

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Paul Johnston

Buy non genuine HP364XL ink cartridges bundle deals only at €24.58 and get free inks of your choice including delivery service from Printerinkcartridges.ie! We offer high quality compatible HP inkjet cartridges at unbelievable prices.

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