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World Of Warcraft is the world most popular online game, the phenomenon, what is behind its popularity, what is the secret of its success, what makes so many gamers love it . Guide To Leveling WoW attempts to show the reasons..

More than 12 Million paying gamers propelled World Of Warcraft to the lead as the world's largest played Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game,Guest Posting MMORPG, as per October 2010. Since first published in 2004 the steady growth ot it's user base established World Of Warcraft as a record holder in the Guinness Book Of World Records to be the most favored MMORPG by its players Guide To Leveling WoW has found.

Since January of 2007 the first addition  'The Burning Crusade' was brought out, the second expansion 'Wrath Of The Lich King' got published in November 2008 and the latest 'Cataclysm' was released in December 2010. Each release was eagerly anticipated by the gaming community and has always added excitement and more interesting game play.

The designers and programmers at Blizzard Entertainment, the publishers of World Of Warcraft, always delivered outstanding work and improved this already great game, which just added to its great success and growth

World of Warcraft is located in a imaginary world introduced as Azeroth with an addition called Outland which was added later, as per November 2008 Northend the frigid cap of Azeroth was added. In the 2010 expansion 'Cataclysm' a number of continents of the classic Azeroth where changed, some removed and fresh continents introduced.

As a player it is your pick in which realm, relating to set of combat rules, you interact. The selection is between player vs. environment, player vs. player and there are also dedicated role-play versions of both of these types. We at Guide to leveling WoW appreciate this variety of possibilities.

After choosing the realm the gamer now can select the avatar and you have the variation to choose one of the opposing forces like Horde or Alliance. You also have to pick from a  number of races, depending on the faction selected. Alliance characters currently are of Humans, Night Elves, Worgen, Draenei, Dwarves while the Horde offers Orcs, Tauren, Forsaken, Trolls, Blood Elves and Goblins.

On top of this huge choices a player can now designate 5 to seven of the game's character classes. Each of the classes again can be customized and various game modes can be picked for the avatar, which makes the gaming experience for the player specifically to ones preferences. We, the Guide To Leveling WoW group are convinced that World Of Warcraft's root of success lies in the huge difference those selections make to the game experience and therefore boredom has no chance to set in.

The experience of World Of Warcraft comes alive in a 3D representation of the Warcraft universe where players interact with the environment, other gamers are able to create groups and join guilds, learn trades and a wide variety of skills, go on quests to earn rewards, kill creatures and monsters and much more.

These complexities and the huge amount of choices the user has to make adds to the long learning time of the game. It takes quite some time to get a handle on all the possibilities and get used to the environment and the usage of its resources and to interact with other players. Our site Guide to Leveling wow explores this information and helps you to shorten the learning curve of this wonderful crafted game.

A great number of players have created help in a wide variety of topics and areas to make the newcomers experience a lot less frustrating and less intimidating. You can have guides to leveling wow especially for Horde, or Alliance members,  guides to leveling WoW with dungeons, guides to earning gold or mining and almost any area of World Of Warcraft.

No question about, World Of Warcraft is addictive and the moment the bug hits you get ready to spend some time with it. Our site at  Guide To Leveling WoW gives you free information, help and many things World Of Warcraft related

I wish you all the fun possible with World Of Warcraft and maby we meet online...

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