What is Unlimited Hosting? Is it Good or Bad?

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If you are searching for a hosting plan, one of the most popular plans that you will run accross is unlimited hosting.  Unlimited hosting offers some great deals like unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited domain name hosting.  The question is; Is unlimited hosting the right plan for you? The article give some great points on unlimited hosting and how it could affect your revenue and your customers online experience.

When people are searching for hosting plans these days,Guest Posting one of the most popular plans they will find is, Unlimited Hosting.  Why is this plan so popular? Will a person ever really use an unlimited amount of space or is this just an insurance policy?A writer for TheWhir.com, Rich Wilson, suggests considering the questions below when comparing an Unlimited Plan vs. another form of hosting such as Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, or VPS Hosting.

  • How CRITICAL is a backing up your information?
  • Does the information need to ALWAYS be available?
  • How detrimental would it be for your site to be on slow?

Let’s take Ebay.com for example: The total online retail spending for ebay.com was $29.1 billion for November and December 2009 according to Bloomberg Business week.Consider this, if Ebay.com was on an unlimited plan where all the above questions were not answered before making a decision, how much profit could be lost? (29.1 Billion In sales would be reduced to nothing.)Unlimited plans are desirable for those that like to take risks. But for others searching for the right budget hosting plan, you should consider a plan with limitations.

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