Zyger Review - What Does A Zygor Leveling Guide Include?

Jul 23


T. Gallamore

T. Gallamore

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An in-depth review of Zygor guides.


As far as research goes,Zyger Review - What Does A Zygor Leveling Guide Include? Articles you've done your part in finding a review of a product before purchasing, and now you're probably expecting me to do my part and help you make an informed decision. Lucky for you, I won't disappoint.

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To start my review out I should note that Zygor is the most recently released of the professional level World of Warcraft leveling products (Joanna's Horde, Brian Kopp's Alliance, iDemise 1-70, and "Leveling Zygor" as I call it), and one of the only guides that offers both a Horde and Alliance guide (Horde Zygor and Alliance Zygor).

As the new kid in school, you've got to have something important, innovative, and that no one else has to offer if you want to convince people to drop their old stand-bys. In reality, Zygor's greatest asset is the fact that it's new, you know why? Because they've been able to look at every guide published thus far, and try to improve.

Leveling Zygor means that your guide will operate completely in-game as an easy to install addon. My biggest joy when I first started using my Horde Zygor Guide was that there was no more alt-tabbing out to check out another window and read walls of text while your character is vulnerable and more importantly not leveling.

The in-game guide points you from quest to quest telling you exactly which quests to pick up, what order to get them in, and the most efficient route for actually doing the quests and turning them in. Do other guides offer an in-game version of their guide? Some do now, but they were all adapted from their original PDF text versions whereas Zygor was in-game from the beginning. My experience has showed that no other guide transferred to this system as well as Zygor.

Leveling Zygor means your leveling time will be close to cut in half. The guides are surprisingly simple for such a detailed set of instructions. It's really a lot like having a leveling coach in your game with you when you start to realize that NOTHING is left out. You move fluidly from quest to quest, zone to zone, and level to level. My 1-80 leveling time with any class went from 12 or 13 days /played time to under 7.

So is it worth the money? Well here's an equation you can use: Zygor's guides are $50, the lowest going professional wow guide price right now. Is 5 or more days (that's about 120 hours) that you don't have to waste leveling on every character worth $50? For me the answer was yes as I was able to reach end-game quicker (and we all know that's the fun part of the game) and leave leveling up to the guide rather than bogging through it on my own.

Is it worth it to you? My response is a resounding "Yes!"  But of course that's all up to you, in the end, you have to weigh the options yourself but I hope I have at least helped in your search for knowledge and World of Warcraft success.

To learn More About Leveling Zygor or how to get a hold of them, then please head over to http://www.squidoo.com/LevelingZygorHordeGuideAllianceGuide