A Man's Guide to Buying Lingerie for Her

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A brief description for the male of the species on how to suss out his lady partner's size in order to buy her frilly undies !

Step 1There's no way to avoid it - you absolutely must find out what size she wears. Do this covertly by scoping out her undie drawer - pen and paper in hand. You're seeking three basic pieces of information - bra,Guest Posting panty and sleepwear sizes. All are easily located on the tiny tags of their respective garments. - Bra size consists of both a number and a letter - record both. Panty sizes are usually 5, 6, 7, or 8 - which loosely translates to Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.  Most sleepwear sizes are similar to clothing, so look for the familiar letter sizes of S, M, L, XL. If you're still wary about choosing the wrong size, chemises, http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=977&categoryID=4  and robes, make great (and easy-to-buy!) gifts. However, Funtimz has made it even easier to get it right, by ensuring that all the sizes of the garments we sell are clearly given, with some products even showing a size chart so that you can be sure the item will fit when it arrives. Click the link to go to Funtimz, Britain’s Sexiest Online Lingerie, Glamourwear and Sex Toys Retailer.http://www.funtimz.co.uk/index.asp Step 2Women's lingerie is available in a mind-boggling arrayof shapes and styles. The easiest way to find a styleshe'll like, is to mirror what you find in her topdrawer. If it's chock-a-block full of camisoleshttp://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=854&categoryID=4 and boyshorts,http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=1168&categoryID=4 chances are she’s not a g-string http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=1155&categoryID=11 and push-up brahttp://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=1165&categoryID=4kinda girl. But don’t worry, you don’t have to become a lingerie expert just to buy her the perfect gift. Just click into Funtimz Lingerie and you’ll be sure to find that perfect gift such as our beautiful striped satin basque sethttp://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=1169&categoryID=4 Step 3Choose something that flatters her figure Whatever you buy, make sure that it meets two hyper important criteria - 1 - She’ll feel comfortable and attractive wearing it (if it’s from Funtimz, you can’t fail). Click the link for an example of sexy http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=617&categoryID=32 - It will flatter her figure in every possible way. http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=175&categoryID=5  Turn Her On: Buy Her Sexy LingerieWhat's the best way to make your woman feel sexy and attractive? No, it's not by buying her a treadmill; you have to show her that you're still uncontrollably attracted to her in a positive way. Again, not by trying to probe her with your penis at every given opportunity, but by buying her great lingerie from Funtimz.  http://www.funtimz.co.uk/products.asp?categoryID=4 There is a multitude of things that you can buy her (studded collars http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=159&categoryID=3 and handcuffs don't apply unless you’re both into a little fetish fun, in which case we sell those too!http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=484&categoryID=7), and show her that everything's coming up roses (or erections, as the case may be). This guide is to help teach you the ABC's, or rather 34C's, of lingerie.  Negligees are basically any item of lingerie that resembles a dress (mini or floor length). Now assuming that your woman is as hot as any of the models on the Funtimz site  http://www.funtimz.co.uk/index.asp, your best bet would be to opt for the shorter variety.http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=1172&categoryID=4 The most flattering negligee is the Baby Doll design, which basically starts out tight around the breasts and then opens up (it's usually see-through; yum) and stops right under her buttocks, yet another bonus. Another wonderful thing about the Baby Doll design is that many of them are open down the middle starting under the breasts, which in turn, gives "easy access" a whole new meaning. Another hot seller is the Chemise that is basically a silky plain mini dress that drapes her body and ends at her thighs.http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=970&categoryID=4 Teddies are nice to look at, to say the least. They resemble one-piece, kinky bathing suits, and come in a variety of exciting styles.http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=742&categoryID=4 If you're anything like most men, your "little man" probably isn't thrilled when your woman removes her outer layer of clothing only to be donning a beige, worn-out bra and white underwear - and grandma's variety at that. Perhaps she's just comfortable around you, or maybe she literally has no idea that a thong might drive you to insane proportions! http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=763&categoryID=4  Whatever the case, perhaps it's time you bought her some nice bra and panty sets. http://www.funtimz.co.uk/productssubcategory.asp?categoryID=4&productrange=Bras%20and%20Bra%20Sets And for the oblivious men who still don't understand how bra sizes work, the letters (A,B,C,D and for you lucky dogs, DD) connote the size of the breast while the numbers (32, 34, 36, 38) describe the measurements around the back. Shopping online for sexy lingerie is as easy now as it has ever been. At Funtimz, it’s even easier because we don’t insist that you have to login or have a password to shop with us. That means that you don’t have to try to remember some password every time you want to shop with us, simple, and hassle-free. Furthermore, postage and packing is FREE for orders over £45 and we give FREE batteries with every vibrator bought, so you may want to swallow your pride, and buy her a vibrator with that sexy outfit for the times you cum before she does! Besides, by buying with Funtimz, there are no more embarrassing experiences in a frilly lingerie store trying to buy your loved one a surprise lingerie gift. You can now do it from the comfort of your own armchair or desk if you want. Add some chocolates, yes, we sell those too, http://www.funtimz.co.uk/product.asp?prodrowID=1152&categoryID=11   and you'll find yourself in heaven! And for women, shopping online for sexy lingerie is just as easy when you visit Funtimz.  http://www.funtimz.co.uk/index.asp  You'll find lingerie products for all occasions and to suit your own outlook on how you feel about wearing such clothing. If you prefer items that are skin tight and want to dress a bit sexier, then you might choose a sheer lingerie teddy, body suit, or corset. If you prefer more loose fitting clothing, then a baby doll could be the choice. Whatever you choose, Funtimz is the answer with its hassle-free shopping experience and huge range of goodies.

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