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The "cocky & funny" method of talking to a woman focuses more on acting witty with words. There are people who strongly believe in this technique yet what makes it one of the best is the fact that being witty is not as easy as it might seem. To be able to find the right words at the right time is a difficult task, but to act a bit arrogant is a completely different matter that requires implications, puns and refinement and that what makes it hard.

Notice that girls can easily get convinced of someone who cracks jokes while grown-up women might not act the same way. Girls tend to get attracted more to the funny type of men with catchy words while women or ladies would prefer a man who

would talk their minds into sense and wisdom rather than fun and laughter.

Just remember that the "cocky & funny" method can be used with ladies as well,Guest Posting yet you should then modify it to a great extent in order to get it right. You should be able to find the right place, occasion and time to use it. That is why this particular technique should be used only by those who knows much about people’s different personalities and how to deal with them.

Like we said in the previous lines, the arrogant and musing technique should not be used by anyone because some men do not have that light humor in their nature. In order to master that method, it requires much labor and time and it is not that easy to use as you always have to get to know what type of girl is in front of you before you decide to adopt that way.

The following lines should show you how to use the "Cocky & Funny" technique:

Remember that acting arrogant (being "cocky") should have extents to control it. In case you over do it, the girl might believe you are being rude and in case you act a little humble, she might start thinking that you’re not that self-confident. You should detect that very light connection between both cases in order to reach your target. Some men make use of jokes in order to break the stiffness of arrogance. Yet again, acting funny is not a must for that method to work out.

Just keep in mind that the moment you proceed with that technique, you should never back off, that if you want to have the upper hand forever. Do not release whatever power or authority you have gained with a girl as it would be quite hard for you to get them back once lost. Girls can play this part more than you think they can, so you should never give them the chance.

Think of it that way; keep daring her for more in every statement you say. For instance, when you two start talking, you should always have the full authority over the occasion. You can always use lines like, “you know you look beautiful yet I’ve always been out with younger girls”. Or “God, your outfit looks nice for a girl”. What is meant by such lines is to dare the girl in front of you even more NOT flatter her.

She then might start asking question such as; “do you mean my outfit is good or what?” again do not be direct in your answer. You can respond “hmm, probably. I think I can decide that by the end of the night”. Just get her confused for the longest period of time. She then might ask you about your job. You should then be implicit once more and say “well, my job focuses on what girls like you wear” instead of saying “I’m a fashion designer”.

Remember that your answers should be implicit but your questions can be as explicit as you wish. For instance, you can ask “what’s your job?” in case she arrogantly answers” well, I work as an assistant manager at the biggest telecommunication incorporation in town.” You can then say “that’s okay but what are you planning to do when you’re a grown-up woman?” Just ask this in a humorless tone. Make sure it does not sound like a comic thing so she would not think you’re being too rude.

Again, in case she starts to say something common or ordinary, do not make fun of her as he might get angry then. For instance, in case she explains that she works as a temporary secretary till she finishes college, do not mock her because she may feel hurt then.

The "cocky & funny" method seems to be difficult as it takes a lot of effort to master. Hence, I believe that you can find the most suitable way to attract a woman in case you have a humorous type of personality.

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