How Pick Up Women with the Walk Away Compliment

May 22


Scott J. Patterson

Scott J. Patterson

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The walk away compliment works great for attracting and picking up women. Find out what it is…


Here's a tip which probably conflicts with standard advice from most 'seduction gurus'.   While you might disagree with it,How Pick Up Women with the Walk Away Compliment Articles I personally think this technique works well for guys who are shy or nervous about approaching women.

It works like this...

First you go to a place where you'll continue to see the same women over a course of a couple of hours.  Typically this could be a bar or club, but it can work at other 'contained' venues.

Your next step is to look for an attractive woman who is not busy and has something interesting about her.  You just confidently walk up to her and give her a genuine compliment.  Typically she'll smile at your comment or thank you. 

Now here's the key to this technique…

You simply let her know that you wanted to give her this compliment and then WALK AWAY from her.  By doing this technique, you'll really make an impression on her.  In fact, she'll probably be intrigued with your approach. 

Here's why...

1) You were confident enough to walk up to her and pay her a compliment

2) You appeared to want NOTHING from her

3) You controlled the situation and walked away before she figure out what's going on

4) You noticed some tiny detail about her which makes her unique

Now once you do this, she'll probably be interested in you.  When you use the "walk-away" compliment a woman will start to look for you throughout the night.

Most of the time, she'll look for an excuse to come over and talk to you.  That's when you can break into your flirting and attraction building techniques.

The 'walk away' compliment is an excellent way to initiate a conversation in a low pressure way.  So if you're having trouble with how to approach a woman, then I recommend you use this technique.

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