Dating a Shorter Man - Is it a Good Decision or Not?

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Are you wondering whether dating a shorter man is a good idea? Find out related peculiarities and advantages to make the right choice.


If you have never dated a man who is shorter than you,Dating a Shorter Man - Is it a Good Decision or Not? Articles then now you may be wondering whether it is a good idea. Actually, there are many perks of seeing a guy who is not very tall. If you are still hesitating then feel free to find out more about dating a shorter man.

Advantages of Dating a Short Men

While some girls are doubting dating a shorter older man, it may become your best experience ever. Here is why:

  • You do not have to adjust a car seat each time your boyfriend drives a car.
  • It is possible to expand the selection of your outfits thanks to the same size of clothes.
  • What I learned dating a man who is shorter? It is his increased attention to girls’ needs.
  • You are more likely to consume the same portions of food. As a result, you know exactly how much you should cook for dinner so that everybody is satisfied. 
  • The same eye level allows you to agree quickly on the necessary furniture for your apartment as well as other things for maximum comfort. 
  • Walking/running is more comfortable with a shorter man in comparison to a long-leg partner. You will feel better in case of walking for a long distance. It is especially true for rainy walks when you need to share an umbrella with your partner.
  • Shorter men are confident and determined. If the guy who is shorter, comes to you, then it is possible to say that he is enough confident. In other words, you can be sure that he won’t break his promises, and stay frank about his plans and goals.
  • Equal height makes it easier to dance and exchange emotions. It means you have more options to feel comfortable, especially in your bedroom during mutual masturbation, and realizing other fantasies. 

Feel like dating a man a little shorter? Then find out the main rules to succeed.

Rules of Dating a Significantly Shorter Man

Whether you are just thinking about dating a shorter guy or you have already met a potential candidate, these rules are worth your attention. 

Stop focusing on height

Let’s face the truth, many girls refuse dating a man shorter than them. However, they place too much attention on it. In fact, height is the last thing that you should care about. How funny woman dating man a foot shorter? It doesn’t mean in case you feel enough confident about your own choice. This confidence goes far beyond the walls of your house, and lets you enjoy having sex in public, going to movies, etc. 

Listen to your instincts 

Do you feel like dating a man shorter than me? Just do it. Do you dream to explore Japan sex industry with him? Stop postponing it to better times. Nobody dares to say that you should or shouldn’t date guys who are shorter than you. Experts agree that you should always listen to your instincts. Only by following your heart, you can become happy no matter what is going on. 

Remember about related perks

When you feel depressed or simply down, you are recommended to remember all the above-listed advantages. This way, you can get a definite dose of inspiration. Outline points that work out for you better, and try to keep them in your mind all the time.

How to Start Dating a Shorter Man?

Once you study all rules, you are ready to take basic steps on dating a shorter man. Follow them accurately, and enjoy the outcome:

  1. Analyze your self-esteem. Did you know that most ladies who refuse to date shorter guys have problems with their own self-worth? Walking with tall guys lets them feel more feminine, and forget about ow insecurities. That’s why, you are highly recommended to analyze everything, and only then go on dating a shorter man.
  2. Skip putting high-heeled shoes on the first date. If you worry about some height difference, then it is better to skip focusing attention on it. Simply put, you’d better choose proper shoes on your first date. 
  3. Focus on positive things. Instead of paying attention to the height differences, you are recommended to think about a person’s advantages. It may be anything that you like: a sense of humor, confidence, intelligence, creativity, etc. Every person has a lot of positive qualities, your task is to find them and shift your focus there. 
  4. Call back happy couples. You will be surprised to remember how many couples with a height difference, you know. Call back their love story and current relationship to make sure that you can be happy with a shorter man as well. 

Summing up: Dating a Shorter Man Advice

In case you can’t succeed to build a happy relationship with tall guys, then maybe it is high time to stop limiting yourself? Dating shorter men is not worse at all. Of course, it has its own peculiarities and rules. But after all, what does height mean if you experience true feelings? Perhaps, nothing. So, keep positive and listen to your heart. It already has answers to all your questions and hesitations.