A Detailed Guide to Saying I Love You for The First Time

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Do you want to confess your feelings but do not know what to start with? Find out more about saying I love you for the first time and reach your goal.


What on Earth is more romantic than two people who love each other and are ready to share all good and bad moments? Real feelings of love,A Detailed Guide to Saying I Love You for The First Time Articles passion, and care are what distinguish people from other beings. But things are not as easy as they may seem to be at first glance.  Saying I love you for the first time is complicated for most people. Often, it has nothing in common with all those romantic episodes in popular soap operas. If you take such confession seriously as well, then this guide will help you cope with possible anxiety. Keep reading useful tips and recommendations from top experts. 

Who Should Initiate Saying I Love You for The First Time? 

Some people decide to wait until their partners confess feelings first. Such a decision may be explained by former romantic traumas when dating, or fear of getting a refusal. Whether you think about saying I love you for the first time over text or face-to-face, you should follow your heart. Experts recommend postponing this moment in case you have some hesitations. You should be completely confident about your feeling and not focus your attention on a possible response. 

Best Tips on Saying “I Love You” for the First Time

You can find plenty of messages related to saying I love you for the first time, Reddit. Most of them aim to find recommendations on how to say “I love you” for the first time.  There are the most important and efficient tips that may be of great help for you. 

Decide on the appropriate time

The time when you decide to open your heart and confess your feelings play a crucial role as well. There are moments that are moments that may spoil everything. Among them are:

  • Too early admission. Once you meet somebody special, you may feel too excited. At this moment, you are sure that this will last forever. But, you are not recommended to hurry up. Avoid too early confession, and give both of you enough time. 
  • Being drunk. Too shy people may need to drink a glass of wine to become brave and tell about their feelings. But mind that another person is more likely not to take your words seriously. That’s why you’d better avoid reciting saying I love you for the first time poems while being drunk.
  • In presence of other people. Not everybody would like to share such intimate moments with other people. So, experts encourage you to say words of love one-to-one rather than in public. It is also important to mind location. For example, an office or library can’t provide an appropriate environment and set the right mood. Instead, learn romantic ideas for hotel room and arrange an unforgettable confession.
  • During sexual intercourse. The moment of having sex is intimate and passionate. While feeling too excited or horny,  some people are ready to declare their love. However, later, you may regret this. That’s why, it is better to choose another time - a moment when you are calm and confident about your feelings. 

Check your feelings

It’s great if you see some signs of chemistry with your significant other. But are you sure that these feelings are true? Or you deal with a passion only. It is better to make sure about everything before saying “I love you” for the first time. Otherwise, you can face disappointment and discomfort. Of course, it is crucial to follow your heart, but you also should mind your emotional state. So, give yourself a little more time. Answer relevant quizzes, rethink your relationship, and stay alone to clarify everything. Finally, mind that true feeling has nothing in common with hesitations. 

Low down your expectations

Of course, we all want one definite result when saying I love you for the first time quotes.  But you should remember that another person is not ready to give you an equal response. It doesn’t mean that you need to focus your attention on the negative outcome. Instead, low down your expectations not to face possible disappointment. Now, you may be wondering how to act in case another person doesn’t say “ I love you” back. Everything is simple. You should accept it. Your partner may not just feel the same way or needs more time to realize their own feelings. It is not your or their fault according to quotes about saying “I love you” for the first time. The most important thing is to stay frank. 

Let’s Recap

Whether you deal with saying I love you for the first time in a long-distance relationship or not, these tips will come in handy for sure. Mind that love is always associated with something pleasant and magic. Once you feel all those butterflies in your stomach, you can consider songs about saying I love you for the first time for an extra dose of inspiration. Listen to your heart while staying frank and careful. Falling in love is the best thing that can happen to a person, so enjoy this moment and be happy with your significant other. 

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