Different views of Russian women

Nov 22


Stefan Hendrick

Stefan Hendrick

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Dating advise and tips for Western men searching for a Russian bride, from an English guy who found his love in Russia and decided to stay.


Different people always have preconceptions about each other people or nationalities. With the internet and media in every corner of life,Different views of Russian women Articles it is easy to hear stories and gossip, the Western world has posted propaganda about Russia for many years and in a way it has also effected how people view Russian women, however most of this is all untrue. Below are 5 popular myths about Russian women, understanding these will help you understand why so many people have a lot to say about the hot Russian brides.

Russian brides are shy, quiet housewives who are happy at the kitchen sink.

The great advantage of having such a wide selection of women to choose from, is you have the chance to meet a women with a personality to suit you, every women is different just like any women in the West, some have their own plans and goals in life, some are happy to be the traditional housewife, some are shy and introverted, some our outgoing, this is the great thing about having so many Russian women to choose from, there will always be someone who will have the perfect chemistry and personality for you.

Most Beautiful Russian women are prostitutes

Because  Russian women are often labeled as “Russian brides”  or “mail order brides”  many men some they are so desperate that they sell themselves and of course it does not take long for rumors to spread that Russian women are generally prostitutes this is complete nonsense . Russian brides are not for sale, Russian mail order brides are not delivered to your door by courier. Russian women value themselves just like any other women in the world. Some Russian women certainly could be considered to be hot Russian brides and are very sexual, just as some Russian women choose a more quiet emotional life, and every woman is different.

Russian women do not like Russian men

Of course Russian women do not hate Russian men, but why do they want to leave for a foreign man? There are 12 million more women in Russia than men, there is a lot of competition to find a good man in Russia, even if a Russian woman wants to marry a Russian man it is not so easy because of the male/female ratio. But what is wrong with Russian women broadening their horizons with the arrival of the internet? We all live in an ever shrinking global village now.

Russian women want a passport or money only and are desperate to flee Russia

Russian life is not as bad as so many people think and very different to how it is often portrayed in the media. Many Russian women in the larger cities in fact would have to take a pay cut to move overseas, many are highly educated. Russian women love their family and the family is usually the centre of most Russian women’s lives. Russian women are making a huge sacrifice to move away from their country and start a new life with a foreign man. Just like men have worries about finding a genuine Russian bride, Russian women also have their own worries about moving away with a man they maybe have not known for so long.

Russian women are Gold diggers and high maintenance

This myth is such nonsense! Take a look at so many relationships around you where the wife has left the man, usually with his house and a large chunk of his money and possessions, you do not need to marry a Russian bride to find a gold digger, they are already on your door step. Russian women are extremely beautiful, always look stunning, so men naturally assume they need lots of money to spend on cosmetics and perfumes, this is not the case with many Russian brides, they just like to look beautiful all the time, it’s in their nature, they can do this in Russia even with little money, they have no need to find a man to support them for this reason. Just like in any other country in the world all women are different and that applies to Russian women as well.

The best way to discover if the myths about hot Russian brides is true is to meet a few, then decide for yourself, you maybe pleasantly surprised.

Best of luck in your searches.