How a Dog Can Help You Pickup Women

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Having a dog can help you pick up women.  Find out why this is true.

Here's a tip you probably know,Guest Posting but never give much thought...

Almost all women love dogs!

So if you have a dog, you can dramatically increase your success with women.  Simply walk your dog in a public place and you'll be approached by a lot of attractive women. 

While I generally recommend you know how to approach women, I think having a cute dog is a great way to make start talking to you.  In fact, I think dogs are incredible chick magnets! 

Another benefit of walking around with a dog is women will automatically assume that you're a trustworthy guy.  Since most women have a soft spot for dogs, they generally assume ANY owner of a cute dog will have positive personality traits.

Just remember there is a science to using a dog to pick up a woman…

Once a woman walks over and starts petting your dog, just initiate a conversation with her.  Then quickly build rapport and attraction using the techniques I describe in this book.  Finally as she goes to leave, simply set up a date and grab her number.

Now the important thing about this technique is don't get a dog JUST to meet women.  Pets are a huge responsibility, so you'll be acting in an irresponsible manner if you buy just to attract women.  Dogs are a decade long responsibility.  So make sure you're getting one for the right reasons.

One option is to borrow a dog from one of your friends.  They'll be happy that you're babysitting their pet and you'll have a dog to have in public.

Well if you're interested in using a dog for a "pick-up", you should use ones that get a positive reaction from women.  Here some of the best dogs to use for this technique:

• Jack Russell Terriers

• Mini Pinschers

• Cocker Spaniels

• Labrador Retrievers

• Golden Retrievers

• Siberian Husky

So if you want a unique way to meet women, go get yourself a dog.

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