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Today in this article, I will show how you can attract someone you like without sacrificing or going beyond the usual. Attracting someone you like or love is neither difficult or something super natural nor something no one ever does. In order to make this dream a reality, all you have to do is to practically apply the steps contained in this article, right

This article is the second version of my previous one,Guest Posting “How to attract someone you love”. In the previous version, I explained some of the ways by which one can actually attract someone he/she loves and so, in this version, I am going to continue from where I stopped. This is because, attracting someone is not a small and easy topic which a single article can cover and it’s for this reason that I will be continuing from where I ended but with unique methods from the first.

Why do some people fail to attract those they like?  Before I let you know how to attract someone you like, I must first let you know why some people usually fail to attract their victims. At least, this will help you avoid some stumbling blocks on your path, right? One of the main reasons why some people get but the reverse after doing their upmost best has to do with their belief system. They develop false beliefs about people and especially their opposite sexes.

For instance, since childhood, Max had always believed everything his friends usually say about beautiful girls. They made him believed that, he wasn’t up to the test of beautiful girls and he believed them without any form of resistance. One day, Max was invited on a certain party and when the whole thing was over, a pretty girl approached him and desired a relationship. On the part of Max, he didn’t see what the girl saw. He believed she was only there to make a mockery of him and nothing else. This was because he has always live up to the principles of his friends and holds this belief strongly in his mind.

Prior to such case, lack of courage for one to approach on the other is also another problem. This is because, when someone feels love, he/she expects but the other partner to first do the approach and this is a common phenomenon among females. Their nature is that you will rarely see them expressing love for the first time but when you begin the whole thing, they will later define what love is. The problem with this type of nature is that, what if the other partner doesn’t feel the same way as you do? This simply means failure and it’s no wonder why through this process, many people have been failing including males.

How to attract someone you like
  • Build self-courage: The issue of courage is the most among the list because it’s the starting point of every relationship. This is because, it’s self-courage that makes you believe you can actually confront your victim, express your likeness, and reply confidently, right? This is one of the main reasons why some people still fail to attract someone they love after doing all what they did, yet they failed to express what they feel inside and so remained a dormant admirer.
  • Use sight attraction: One of the ways by which you can effectively attract someone you like is by the use of sight attraction. Sight attraction is the process whereby, they see you often. This is because according to relationship psychology, when we see a person often, we tend to be drawn to them as well. It’s no wonder why everybody fears ghosts but if ghosts were something every sees always, not all will still be afraid of them, right? And that same thing happens in human relationships. If managed to make yourself available to your victim’s sight, they will tend to find you close just as any other good friend or companion.
  • Stare at him/her: Have you noticed that, when a male or female starts staring at the opposite sex, in return, they soon get to know each other even without a word of hi? Based on psychology, staring at the opposite sex is an indirect way to express a desire for something and this is no wonder why lovers usually look each other in the eyes.
  • Appear to be a solution: Have you realized that when we have some kind of difficulties and someone appears as a savior in return we develop some form of interest for the person? And this is what happens in this situation. If you discover that the latter actually needs help one way or the other and you appear to be some kind of solution, he/she in return will develop love/likeness especially when you already express some profound feelings of likeness for him/her.
  • Express genuine smiles: In order to attract someone you like, you must in the first place let them know that you feel impressed when in their company and how would you do that? It’s easy! Your partner can clearly see this only when you express genuine smiles, express good body postures and show a sense of laughter in you any time around them. This is so because, when someone portrays all these criteria in them, on our part, we tend to show same in return and this begins the falling in love process. Imagine someone smiles at you, won’t you do same in return?
Final words on attracting someone you like or love

The reasons some people still fail to make someone fall in love with them is that they go contrary to some of these attraction principles. This therefore means that, if you avoid where they went wrong, your chances of attracting your soul mate will be very high.

If you were keen enough to take critical note of the points above, you must have noticed that attracting someone you like is not difficult. All you need to know is to understand few aspects of the person’s character and personality and there, the game is yours.

So, in return, all you need to do now is to find some means of communicating or getting closer to the person and gradually begin applying the steps mentioned in the previous article coupled with this one and before you know, he/she will no more be one of your worries.

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