How to Eliminate Your Fear and Approach More Women

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A simple method for overcoming your fear of rejection and learn how to confidently approach women

One of the most difficult parts of meeting and attracting a woman is becoming comfortable enough to initially approach them. For most men,Guest Posting the very thought of approaching a woman and starting a conversation is terrifying in and of itself.

Obviously, this can be quite a hindrance when trying to meet women. So now what? Do you just sit back and hope a woman will approach you? No, definitely not.

There's a simple solution. The best way to become more comfortable approaching women is to do it. You can learn how to best approach women by actually doing it.

Yes, it is quite simple, but many guys never do it. Rather, they worry about fine-tuning the best “routine” and stressing over what to say. Forget about memorizing lines and practicing your routine, you will get the best results by simply approaching women and practicing first-hand.

Let me explain why...

Think back to when you were first learning to drive. You would sit in the high school Driver's Education course listening to your teacher for four hours talking about the rules of the road. Eventually, you believed you knew all you needed to be a terrific driver until you sat behind the wheel for the first time.

At that point, you realized driving was much harder than you anticipated. You were nervous at first, but gradually became a good drive (at least we hope so!).

Well, learning how to approach women is no different.

It is most effectively learned though hands-on, repetitive practice. After a while, you will begin to learn what works best and what simply doesn't work.

Now, you are probably a little hesitant for fear of being rejected. Here's a secret: You're not alone! Every guy worries about rejection.

The trick is to not look at rejection as bad, but rather as an opportunity to refine your approach and learn what does and does not work. The most obvious way to learn what DOESN'T work is when you are rejected. Eventually, you will figure out what DOES work.

So, the next question is when you should start. Well, that's easy...NOW! Do not waste any more time.

As I mentioned earlier, men often waste too much time sitting around trying to figure out how to succeed when it comes to meeting women. Rather than trying to figure out these theories on the sideline, the best way to figure them out is to get out there and try them.

I encourage you to try to approach at least a few women per day. Try complimenting them, or asking for the time. At this point, what you say is not quite as important as the act of approaching them. As you begin to approach more women, you will eventually feel more comfortable and more confident in your attraction skills.

Now, if you are still hesitant to just get out there and try it, you can always write down a few ideas before hand. Whatever it takes to get you out there! Soon, you will be confident in your skills and forget about any fear of rejection you once had.

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