How You Can Pick Up Women at the Gym

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Gyms aren’t just for cardio and lifting weights.  They can also be an incredible resource you can use to meet women.  In this article, you’ll discover simple way you can use your local gym to pick up women.

You don't have to wait for New Year to make resolutions. If you aspire to get fit and find a girl,Guest Posting I'm going to show you how to achieve both goals at once.Now, I've got to admit, I've always been the kind of guy who prefers the route of least exertion. Given the choice between a night on the sofa and an hour at the gym, I'll take the remote control, please. But all that changed when I realised that if I wanted some female company on my sofa, an hour at the gym was one of the best ways to achieve my goal.Gyms are incredibly sociable places. They're packed full of people keen to share and receive good advice, chat while they wait for an exercise class, or grab a quick smoothie when they've finished their work out. Whether you're looking for friends, fun or romance, there are few quicker ways of getting to know girls than regular trips to the gym.So, how do you go about it?Well, the main thing to remember is that you're actually there to exercise. I'm serious. And there are three very good reasons why this is so:Firstly, tone up those abs a bit and you'll soon find yourself looking and feeling a whole lot better. Good news for you, and much more attractive to her.Secondly, most gyms have a swarm of sleazy guys who never do any exercise. Slack off too much and the girls will assume you're only there to ogle them – which doesn't do much for your chances!And thirdly, if you know what you're doing, you can strike up a conversation by offering a girl good advice. Okay, so you've familiarized yourself with the running machines and you know your way to the pool – what now?Bear in mind that the gym is not a pick up joint. Yes, loads of the women are single, but they're not there to get chatted up – they're there to keep themselves fit. If they catch you drooling at them in the mirror they're going to steer well clear.Forget about finding a date for the moment, and think about making new friends. Greet the staff with a smile, chat to other guys while you wait for the weights, make pleasant conversation with anyone who offers; get yourself known as a really decent guy, and before you know it people will be clamouring to set you up on blind dates with their mates.Keep yourself presentable. You're going to get sweaty, there's no avoiding that, but make sure you deodorise beforehand and shower thoroughly afterwards. No matter how proud you are of your new pecs, steer clear of the skin tight clothes, and stick to appropriate gym gear. When you do talk to cute girls, start off slowly. Say hi if you're on the machine next to them. Offer advice if they need it, but move away once it's taken. If you're getting more water, offer to fetch for them, too. But remember that they're there to work out, so don't keep distracting them unless it's clear that they want you to.Remember, women like nice guys. You're smart, you're considerate, you've got a cute smile. Take things slowly, be patient, be polite and before you know it you'll find yourself sitting in the juice bar (well, it is a gym!) getting to know a girl better over a post work out pineapple smoothie.

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