Is She Into Me? 6 Clear Signs That Prove She Likes You

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If you feel like you are hitting it off with a girl, then you are probably in a situation where you wonder whether she fancies you back. 

It is completely normal since ladies tend to be closed books – especially at the beginning. They shield themselves until they are sure their feelings are real and honest. Luckily,Guest Posting what follows are a few signs that can help you notice whether you are on the same page.

She Hangs Around and Shows Interest

When girls are interested in a guy, they want to know as much as they possibly can. That is why girls in general – American, French, Spanish, and Russian ladies, regardless – they all have this trait in common – they find ways to linger around you and create opportunities for a conversation. If she asks about where you spend your free time, about your friends, family, and your favorite things – you are on the right track. 

She Laughs Even When Your Jokes are Terrible

This is one of the most obvious signs a girl is into you. You simply light up her day and she shows it by being all smiley smiles around you. Even when your jokes are not that funny, but she still finds them amusing – you can rest assured she likes you. It is also safe to assume she likes you quite a lot. 

She Pays Attention and Maintains Eye Contact

When a girl is interested – it shows. She will pay attention to all the things you say, she won’t interrupt, and if needed, she will ask to follow up questions in order to learn more things about you. 

And of course, if she maintains eye contact while listening intently – you are on the right track. Remember, eye contact matters, and if she keeps locking eyes with you, you can be sure that she wants more, or at least she is willing to try. 

She Is Relaxed Around You and Won’t Stop Smiling

This one really matters. Each girl wants to be anything but herself when she is around the man she likes. So, if you notice that she is relaxed when you are around – that means she likes you, she is comfortable around you, and she is not afraid to be herself. 

Smiling. That is always the key. It is quite simple actually – you make her happy, and she shows it through vibrant, honest smiles. What matters is that she is laughing with you, not at you. 

She Wants to Know More and Shares Her Truth Too

This is not the most subtle sign, but when a girl is into you, she will start gathering as much data as possible. She is interested in the details. No worries, her intentions are still positive; she wants to be sure that you are the right guy for her. Besides that, she needs data to spill to her friends, too. 

If a girl shows genuine interest in your personal affairs, she will share some of hers too. Don’t take it for granted, as it is not an easy thing for her. When she starts sharing, offer her some info in return. Don’t lie, since most women can feel a made-up story, and lies will ruin the relationship right from the start. 

She is Physically Near You and Doesn’t Pull Away

Body language rarely lies. If a girl stands close to you quite often, you can bet on it that she is into you. She is comfortable enough to be near you and feel nice – that is a big thing and can lead to a relationship in no time. 

You can test this theory by subtly leaning into her direction. If she doesn’t pull away and has a positive reaction – you are golden. She may even lean in and show you just how interested she is. Enjoy the moment.


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