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Traditional Ukraine girls love to cook. They learn the art at their mothers knee, the same recipes handed down by their grandmother and great grandmother.

Actually,Guest Posting Ukrainian cuisine developed over centuries and cooks in the Ukraine take great pride in serving home made recipes. Cooking is an essential element in Ukrainian heritage.

Traditional breakfasts made by Ukrainian women do not feature cold cereal, a microwave biscuit, stale packaged muffins or a drive through window. They start with homemade rolls spread with an unsweetened berry sauce. An egg salad, freshly whipped with dill, coleslaw and pickled herring with sour cream follow. Cups of freshly brewed, strong coffee are a must.

For lunch, particularly in summer, Ukrainians often start their meals with a hearty beet soup for which they are justifiably famous. Ukrainian cooks may be quite sensitive to fresh ingredients since it is a country of huge fields growing grains and vegetables. After the soup, a proud Ukrainian cook might serve an Olivier salad made of cooked potatoes, dill pickles, chopped eggs, chicken and onions.

Ukrainians snack on bread with a thin slice of salo. It is a type of salted, unrendered pork fat that is not common in the west, but very much appreciated in the Ukraine, Russia and Poland. Ukrainians also enjoy home made cheeses and fruit tarts and spicy sausages bought fresh from the butcher. Paired with a delicious roll, this makes a great snack.

Inviting guest to meals in their homes is key to Ukrainian hospitality. They enjoy sharing food in their homes with friends, family and special guests. If you are lucky enough to be invited to an Ukrainian home for dinner, bring a gift along like a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers. It will get the meal off to a pleasant start.

If you are going to dinner, go ready to eat and to try every dish. Borscht is a dish served with pride by many Ukrainian women. Dumplings stuffed with potatoes or cheese, sauerkraut, fried fish, roasted meats may also appear in trays on the table. Strong drinks will very likely be served and Ukrainians enjoy making toasts and being toasted, so it might be a good idea to think of one beforehand.

Just when you think your belt is going to pop, after dinner sweets arrive. This may include torte, sweet fried dough tossed in cinnamon or fried curd fritters. These are traditional Ukrainian dishes that you don't want to miss.

After spending years learning to cook, Ukraine girls enjoy inviting guests to their tables for elaborate meals. Satisfied guests, eating, drinking, and talking around the table, filling the home with warmth is an important part of Ukrainian culture. Some special dishes, like braided breads are reserved for Christmas and Easter. It is part of Ukrainian life that women enjoy passing to their daughters.

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