What Attracts a Virgo Man?

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This article is about what attracts a Virgo man

You may be asking yourself what attracts a Virgo man. You have tried everything and he does not seem to be responding. You can relax; he may already have his sights set on you. The problem is that Virgos are the most cautious sign,Guest Posting and he is extremely cautious before he gets into a relationship. The most important thing you can have when trying to attract a Virgo male is lots and lots of patience. Virgos will not jump at the chance of a relationship. They are not impulsive, instead they are calculating and rational in everything they do. Why would they not be calculating and rational when it comes to the decision of the heart?
Keep in mind:
Virgos are men that like to plan things. They get too busy to be easily attracted. That is not to say that attracting your Virgo guy is impossible; it only means that he may seem unresponsive at first. When it comes to dating the Virgo guy has the best poker face. The things that attract the Virgo guy are neatness and appearance. He is very visual and if you show up with a wrinkled anything he will notice. You will notice that Virgos tend to be very proper in their appearance and they love someone who is equally put together. If you mirror the way they dress or look, you will be one step ahead of the game. Also Virgos are careful with behavior, so proposing something wild and exciting can actually be a turn off.
You should never have to change your personality to please a person you are interested in. If you do you are setting yourself and the relationship up for failure. That being said, Virgos prefer a delicate personality that will go great with their own. Also manners are of extreme importance to Virgos. The sense of humor is important but Virgo men usually believe that there are things you just can’t joke about. So jokes will be fine as long as they remain proper. Timeliness is also of great importance to Virgos. If you say you will be there at 6, then you start losing points at 6:01. It is part of keeping your word that is very important to these guys.
Things that will make you Appealing:
Virgo men especially value honesty. They would rather know the truth, even if it hurts than to hear a white lie. He wants you to be sincere and show the real you. Virgo men seem to have a 6th sense and will detect insincerity in a second, so keep that in mind when talking to him. Also pay attention to his opinions, if you agree with them he will find that irresistible. If you do get his attention you will be rewarded with a commitment level that is worth the wait. He will be loyal to a fault and he will be sincere and honest to you as much as you are to him. In short, what attracts a Virgo male is honesty, sincerity, good manners, reliability and intelligence. 

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