Losing interest in a relationship

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Have you ever wondered why someone might make every possible moves to make you fall in love and immediately that's done, all you get in return is a rejection? Not everyone has experienced it but at least everyone knows about this since if you’ve not been a victim, you’ve at least experienced someone else’, right?

He was badly in love with her. He tried everything just to make sure she abides. He offered all sorts of gifts and impressed her to see what he’s seeing. One thing that was certain is that he never gave up. About a month,Guest Posting she finally accepted. Not long, he started wondering if he actually loves her or what and the next week, he broke up with her.

What do you think made him after all the stress he went through and finally turned her down? The above illustration is a good example of this topic. This is what this article is going to be covering today; losing interest in a relationship.

Why do some people lose interest in relationships?

There’re many reasons why a person may try hard and end up giving up the relationship. Below are some of the main reasons behind almost 90% of these people.

  • Sexual satisfaction: Do you know that they’re people who never managed to keep one successful relationship but they’re the ones with numerous lovers? What do you think prompt them? Sex! These people will do everything just to satisfy their sexual desires and when that’s done, they turn you and the relationship down and shift to another victim.
  • External programming: Another reason why someone might love and soon lose interest is when he’s been externally programmed by others. For example, after Noel got her, he was happy to the extent that he communicated it to anyone he comes across for social approval. Not long, they told him she was older than him and she’s a blonde (in the past he had difficulties with blondes) and not that long he starts losing interest in the relationship and the following week, he broke up with her. That’s how programming from others makes some people start losing interest in a relationship.
  • Some are just players: Another reason for losing interest in a relationship happens to target lover boys and girls. These are people suffering from past life experiences and at same time, they possess low self-esteem. These people believe that having many partners makes them proud and important. They know just one thing; how to persuade their opponents and when that’s done, they don’t care whom they’re turning down. At least they’ve been satisfied.
  • Past life experiences: Also, the issue of past life experiences also contributes to this. For example, a guy who was usually ignored in the past by blondes will certainly try to make sure he makes any blonde fall in love with him. During this period, he might make one to fall in love with him but the question is; is it that he actually needs her? Far from that! He does this unconsciously in order to compensate for his past failures with blondes. That’s why immediately she accepts, he attains some degree of self-achievement and starts losing interest in her.
Final words on losing interest in a relationship

As you can see, behind every relationship there’s a purpose and it’s this purpose that makes people either lose interest or continue the relationship (see does unconditional love exist?).

So by having a better understanding of this topic, helps you predict unhealthy and healthy relationships, right? At least, this helps you avoid future pit.

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