Matchmaking Royal Marriages 1900 to 1981

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Royals were expected to marry royals and based on history many times they married cousins. Divorce was never considered but royals used annulment if the marriage did not produce male heirs. In the mid 20th Century royals were not marrying other royals and divorce became a norm. Royal weddings from 1900 to 1981. Matchmaking online has ushered in a new era in dating and marriage.

After Queen Victoria’s reign her son became King. King Edward VII (1841-1910) his  reign was the Edwardian era. At sixteen Victoria’s marriage was arranged to the Prince of Wales the future King Edward VII. King Edward VII married Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925). They married 1901 until his death in 1910.

George  V (1865-1936) grandson of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. His first cousins were Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. Reign from 1910- 1936. George’s elder brother Albert Victor became engaged to Princess Victoria Mary of Teck. Weeks after the formal engagement Albert Victor died in 1891. George V and Princess Victoria Mary of Teck married 1893. The marriage was approved by Queen Victoria. By all accounts they were devoted to one another.  King George V and Mary of Teck were second cousin once remove.

Upon King George V death his oldest son Edward Prince of Wales became King Edward VIII. Months unto his reign he proposed marriage to an American socialite,Guest Posting Wallis Simpson. Mrs. Simpson had been married twice King Edward VIII would have caused a constitutional crisis if he married Mrs. Wallis while King. . The marriage was opposed by royal family and the prime ministers of the United Kingdom. King Edward refused to end his relations with Mrs. Simpson. After only 365 days he abdicated the throne. He became Duke of Windsor and married Wallis Simpson in 1937.

King Edward VIII younger brother became King of England. George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George 1895-1952). King of the United Kingdom (1936 to 1952). King George VI had a stammer the lasted most of his life. The academy award winning film “A Kings Speech” was based on George VI live. George VI married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.  Elizabeth Lyon was considered by English Law a commoner and ushered in a new era of Royal Marriages. Elizabeth rejected George’s proposal for two years not sure if she wanted to make the necessary sacrifices to become a member of the royal family. They were married in 1923. Not expected to become King of England he spent most of his life in the shadowed of his older brother Edward. After Edward abdicated the throne to marry the woman he loved ironically his younger brother became King. George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon had two daughters Elizabeth and Margaret. Upon his death his eldest daughter became Queen Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth II born April 21, 1926. Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947. Prince Philip was a member of the Greek royal family.  Prince Philip was exiled as a child from Greece.  At 18 year old joined the Royal Navy and met and began corresponding with Princess Elizabeth.  They have four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s oldest son Prince Charles, Prince of Wales married Lady Diana Spencer. They wed July 29, 1981 in St Paul’s Cathedral. There were 3,500 invited guests an estimated  750 million people worldwide television viewers. The wedding was approved by Royal Family. Note Diana Spencer was not of royal bleed but young, attractive, produced two sons and the paparazzi delight.

The story book marriage did not last. Prince Charles was having extramarital affairs with Camilla Parker-Bowles.  Camilla Rosemary Parker Bowles born July 1947. Prince Charles and Camilla first met at a polo match in 1970. The couple dated in the early 1970s and Charles wanted to marry Camilla but the royal family felt she was unsuitable.

 In 1973 Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles the have two children, Tom godson of Prince Charles and Laura. Through both of their marriages Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles had long term relationships. Camilla Bowles was divorced 1995. Prince Charles and Princess Diana were divorced 1996. One year later Princess Diana and her companion, Dodi Fayed were killed in car accident in Paris, France. Princess Diana was given a formal royal funeral since she was the mother of a presumed future king.  Prince Charles and Camille were married April 2005.

Prince Charles reminds me of King Edward VIII.  Prince Charles married the woman he loved.  Different for Edward by marrying Camille he did not have to relinquish his position as heir to the throne.

People date and marry for different reasons. To share common interests, respect, for children, security, casual dates, serious dates and or love. People around the world are participating in online dating. 20 percent of couples are finding dates and mates online.

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