Do Capricorn Male Likes a Lot Attention?

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This article is about if Capricorn males likes, or not, lots of attention

Do Capricorn male likes a lot attention? In a word: yes. The Capricorn male can seem to be even needy some times. He seems to want your attention and will sometimes do something silly to get it. It may feel like you are dating a man-child,Guest Posting but it is a part of the Capricorn personality. The need for attention may not be as bad though as they also like to give attention. Your affection to him is almost like a trigger to his attention to you. He loves to give you attention and that is what makes him such a sweet hearts. Once you give him attention he will shower you back with it in a very loving and romantic way.Not only from youThe Capricorn man doesn’t just want your attention. He craves attention from others as well. Capricorns are very similar to Leos in that way. That good news is that since he will be getting attention, you will get some yourself. It is important to remember that because when he gets the attention, he wants you to be in the center of it as well. You are both amazing and he wants the world to know it. Some women would be intimidated by this, but just keep in mind that if he did not think so highly of you he would not be with you. You are the most important thing in his life and the ‘attention getting,’ is his way of showing off.He’ll be the King, and you his QueenCapricorn guys aim to be high up in hierarchy and you are going along for the ride. He likes a lot of the finer things in life and some things that you may feel are too much, will make him feel right at home. Once there he wants to feel admired and if you help him get that feeling you will be the woman he wants to spend his life with. He also values your trust and admiration. If he does something really good, he loves to hear how great it was. Whoever said that “you are your own worst critic” was probably talking about a Capricorn. They may believe they did something good, but they will find their own faults. You telling them how great they were, means a lot to them.No changing himThe man is set in his ways, so if you are planning to or are already dating a Capricorn you can forget about changing him. If you try to do so he will only resent you. He will keep it quiet and then will bring it up later when you least expect it. You have to call on the salesman within to get him to try something new. Do not blackmail this guy into doing anything he does not want, because he will soon learn how to turn that against you. Do Capricorn male likes a lot attention, absolutely. And if you give it to him, he will give it back.

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