Play to win, don’t play to NOT lose.

Apr 8 22:26 2022 Jeremiah Adetola Print This Article

Take a look at the following names: 


* Donald Trump


* Elon Musk


* Joe Rogan


* Bill Burr


* Jordan Peterson


Do you notice anything? 


Asides from the fact they are rich,Guest Posting influential and powerful … they have one thing in common. 


And that is: 


They openly say what they think/believe.


Regardless of how controversial, they say it and let people decide whether to like or hate them for it. 


That simple act plays a huge part in their success today. 


Unfortunately, I find that most men are afraid to do the same.


They are afraid to offend women or risk chasing away the one girl that finally has interest in them


But here is what you need to understand:


The less you say what you really think, the less authentic you are. 


And when it comes to dating, attraction and charisma, being authentic is everything. 


Especially in this world of cancel culture and SJWs. 


If you are in the dating scene, looking to find a high quality woman … there is no better way to filter out the wrong types than to simply state what you think (no matter how raw or polarising it might be). 


If the person doesn’t agree with you and cannot respond like a rational human being but instead spits out any of the -ism/-ist words (misogynist, racist, sexist, etc), then you know there is probably no future with that person. 


If the person handles it like an adult and has a discussion with you (even though she may disagree), then there is more of a chance there. 


I understand this can be hard for many men, but here is what I tell myself whenever I feel like holding back my thoughts. 


It is something I heard from the great Ben Settle (leading expert in email marketing) and he says: 


“Play to win, don’t play to NOT lose”


Meaning, don’t play to appease the crowd, society or women who are not right for you. 


Play to win. 


And the easiest way to do that is simply by stating what you truly think,feel, believe and see how the woman takes that. 


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